Hello world!

This is my very first post… eeeeeeeeek!

It’s just 13 sleeps until my boyfriend Marcus and I bring home our very own Cockapoo, Saffi. We’ve been waiting for this moment, see ‘Our Year-Long Cockapoo Search’, for a v.e.r.y. long time so to say that we’re excited is a bit of an understatement.

Why have I started this blog? Because I found the Cockapoo search a bit of a daunting, albeit exciting and informative process that might be interesting to others about to embark on a similar journey. Also, I have never been much of a diary or journal keeper and wondered if I’d have more success on a blog. And lastly, this is my first dog—I want to document the highs and lows—the challenges and the triumphs, the tricks taught and the messy accidents—in a nutshell the good, the bad and the ugly of dog ownership.

I plan (read ‘hope’) to read over my blog in a year’s time knowing that despite the problems we may have faced along the way we now have an affectionate, fun, beautiful and well-mannered Cockapoo.  The only deal I’ll make with you, the reader, is that you cannot laugh at me along the way…!

Turi x



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10 responses to “Woof!

  1. Nadine Hakney

    Good Luck with Saffi – I am sure she will enhance your lives – cannot wait to see photos and follow highs and lows!
    NADHAK [ on ILMC]

  2. Katie

    Good luck with Saffi Turi, will look forwards to reading about your fun times over the next year!
    Katie and Lola xx

  3. I look forward to hearing all about your first few weeks as we will be going through similar experiences at the end of April.
    Best wishes

  4. Karen Smith

    Good luck Turi and Marcus, it will be great hearing of your continuing cockapoo adventures.
    Karen and Weller

  5. Julie Clark

    Good luck Turi & Marcus,
    I’m looking forward to reading about your journey.

  6. Good luck, its such great fun to have a dog in the house, it may not feel like that some days initially but all that training (of you and him!) will pay off! Can’t wait to meet him!
    Chris, Amy and Bangers!

  7. Jos

    Hi Turi

    I got Ted from Anne at Broadreach dogs and he is just coming up for a year old…its been an interesting and wonderful year and I wouldn’t change Ted for the world…
    I look forward to hearing Saffi progress and I’m sure she will be brilliant…
    Jos and Ted

  8. Clare

    Hi Turi,do you have any sort of list of breeders in the South?
    Have you any experience of Debbie’s Doodles or Cappella cockapoos.

  9. Hi Clare,

    Thank you for your comment!

    Yes I do have details of a lot of Southern breeders. Why don’t you send me an email at turi_ange@hotmail.com and I’ll see if I can help 🙂

    Turi x

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