Preparing the cats…

I’ve no doubt that our three cats will initially detest Saffi. They’ve never lived with a dog and generally bristle whenever they come into close contact with one.

Not only will the cats’ territory be invaded by a furry, excitable puppy, they will have to contend with squeaky toys, smelly chews, gates at the bottom of the stairs, a large crate in their living space, accidents on the floor…the list goes on.

In a quest to minimise their distress as far as humanly possible I have decided to make the necessary house adjustments bit-by-bit. First change – the gates, kindly lent to us by our friends. Now I don’t know who designed baby-gates but I’m embarrassed to admit that we were nearly defeated by them – it took us a good half an hour to put them up! We fiddled with the screws at the side until they fit the width of our hallway and then stepped back to admire our handiwork – wonky but upright at least.

We then placed the cats, one-by-one, behind the gate as we stood on the other side to see how they would react. Elmo, our resident escape artist otherwise known as Houdini cleared the gates in one jump. And then went back to do it again (and again) just for fun. Bluebell, our precious princess sat behind the bars yowling as if she’d been deserted. With gentle coaxing and encouragement she eventually ambled over the top desperate for a reassuring cuddle. Zulu, our slimmest cat, didn’t bat an eyelid and squeezed himself through the bars.

Which poses a question – will our puppy be able to squeeze through too defeating the object of the gates altogether? As one of four litter mates I’m banking on Saffi being chubbier than Zulu but I suppose we won’t know until she gets home…just ten sleeps now!

Elmo contemplates the gate…

… And clears it in one…


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