Shopaholic? Moi?

This time next week Saffi will be home. I can’t believe it! We’re SO excited!

Over the past year I’ve made puppy purchases in pet shops, at dog shows and online. Each purchase has been carefully stored in our loft until this week, when Marcus brought everything down from the loft. What a shock seeing everything together – I was unaware of just how much I had bought!

Puppy purchases



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4 responses to “Shopaholic? Moi?

  1. Nadine Hakney

    You have some amazing things – you have researched well – how exciting x

  2. Hi Turi – have just stumbled upon your blog via ilovemy……can’t wait to show my husband this pic – I think you may have saved my marriage!! We have an 11 week old hairy daughter called Mojo. Nice to know I’m not the only cockapoo shopaholic (or shockaholic, as I am now known!) Saffi is gorgeous – hope all is going well. x

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