First promise already broken!

Sorry folks, I just couldn’t post yesterday – was overcome with emotion and, if I’m honest, absolutely exhausted. Saffi cried every time we left her and as a result we got nothing done all day! My Mum keeps laughing and saying this is good practice for a real life baby…

Our ‘appointment’ to pick Saffi up from Anne, our breeder, was at 10.30am. And we were warmly welcomed – Saffi didn’t know who to go to first and it soon became a game…

Saffi picks up ‘come’ pretty quickly…!

We set off back to London at 12pm. I expected Saffi to be nervous in the car but on the contrary, her tail was wagging and for the first half hour she stood on my lap with a paw on each shoulder, licking my face. She eventually settled down and then as we were approaching home after an hour and a half journey she vomited. And then ate it up again. And then wanted more kisses. Ew! Just as well she’s so cute!

Saffi’s first car journey

We took Saffi straight to the garden upon arriving home and as our three cats approached I held her still so she didn’t make then run, starting off a run/chase cycle. However, they were curious and aside from Bluebell who hid behind the sofa I’d say the first introduction was an amazing success.

Bluebell & Zulu look on curiously

My sister Alex and mum Irene arrived and we played in the garden for half an hour. She loved the red and yellow tennis ball we’d bought her and returned it to us time and time again. But no wee or poo. We gave her a frozen (raw) chicken wing in her crate which she devoured – I’d been forewarned that she’d go off her food but that certainly didn’t apply to our little ‘Snuffle Pig’ as Alex has adaptly nicknamed her.

After her chicken wing we took her back outside and waited patiently but still no poo. So we put her back in her crate as we ate our lunch. And OMG the noise! One minute she sounded like a hyena, the next as if she were choking, the next she put her head back and gave a proper wolf howl! Alex was desperate to let her out again but I said we needed to wait until she was quiet so we waited patiently for a gap in the yelps…. and what did we find? A big poop and wee! Oh dear… not a great start on our part 😦

The rest of the afternoon is a blur of cuddles, play, eating, toilet training (with a few successes – hurrah!) lots of sleep and actually… I can’t remember anything else! I must admit I was slightly overwhelmed by it all and all I could do was slob on the sofa with her for cuddles and neck snuffles…


We put her in her crate at 11pm and crept upstairs – we expected an absolute racket but miraculously I think she’d tired herself out. We went downstairs at 3am to let her out to the loo and found she’d made quite a mess of her crate. Marcus took her outside whilst I cleaned up. And then back to bed. She cried for half an hour and according to Marcus, again at 4.30pm and 5.30pm for five minutes. We went down at 6.45am and again found a rather messy crate – thank goodness for easily washable vet bedding. When we came down at 3am I instructed Marcus not to talk to her in case she got excited and wanted to play. As I washed the bedding in the kitchen I could hear him whispering to her in the garden – he came back in looking guilty and said he could help it – she’d been chasing her shadows in the dark and was too cute to ignore. He adores her and I adore him for it.

This morning we have kept her busy with a trip to the vet which surprisingly she loved – she didn’t have any jabs, just a cuddle, check over and treat. Our vet commented on what a happy puppy she is. We also went for a walk around Putney, she was initially a bit shaky but she’s been so friendly with everyone she has met so we’re not worried in the slightest. And it wasn’t long before she was she was wiggling to get our the rucksack we’d put her in so she could have an explore – we didn’t comply… she won’t be allowed on the ground in unknown places for a further three weeks when she’s had her second vaccination.

Daddy’s girl

And now, for the first time she is passed out in her crate – peace!

We think she’s wonderful and have, all in all, loved our first 24 hours with her!


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