Cider or beer?

What a busy second day!

We’ve started socialisation with a vengeance. Saffi has been to the vet, to my sister and her hubby’s house, to my parents’ house, to the dentist (for us, not her!), for  walk in Barnes common and finally, to the pub. She shivers with excitement but we’ve read it’s important not to appear sympathetic or worried as it only reinforces her fears. We speak to her in an upbeat voice and her tail soon starts wagging. In fact, we can no longer carry her in the rucksack as she wiggles so much – she’s desperate to be on the ground. It’s going to be a long couple of weeks until her second vaccination kicks in…

Saffi in The Spencer’s Arms, Putney



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6 responses to “Cider or beer?

  1. Jen

    Hi Turi,

    it’s Jen from the I love my cockapoo forum. Thanks so much for giving me the link to your blog this is so helpful!

    I had forgotten all about the sleepless nights as it’s been about 20 years since I brough my 2 golden retriever puppies home for the first time and haven’t had another puppy since them, just one other rescue older dog 🙂

    I think taking the first week off work will be a must….

    How’s it going now?

    Jen x

  2. Hi Jen!

    Thank you for your comment.

    It’s going so well thank you – she now settles without any fuss in her crate in the evening and sleeps through. Hurrah! One accident in the house yesterday and one the day before so doing well on that front too.

    So… have you decided if you’re going to go for it and get a Cockapoo?!

    Turi x

    • Jen

      Hi Turi,

      That’s so great that she’s doing so well after less than a week! That give me hope 🙂

      I’m about 80% sure….still having some doubts about lifestyle change as haven’t had a dog for 5 years now and Gracie was about 10 when I moved to London so not much work and happy to hang out in the flat.

      I’m from the US so used to having a big fenced in garden for the dogs so still trying to figure out if it will be ok without that. I live close to Holland Park so lots of great places to walk.

      How many hours a day do you leave her alone? Do you leave her in the kennel or free in the house? I’m gone in the week 10-12 hours a day for work but can get a dog walker and come home for lunch occasionally as it’s about 30 mins away…..should I get 2 puppies so they have each other?

      Sorry so many questions and thanks for your help 🙂

      Jen x

      • Hi again Jen,

        Don’t worry about the questions – it’s good to consider these things in advance!

        In terms of your concerns – I do know of other people who live in apartments with dogs. It would mean you’d have to tackle house training in two steps – first with puppy pads and then after second innoculations outside – but it’s not impossible by any stretch of the imagination.

        At the moment we have a relative staying with us until Saffi is more accustomed to being left alone. On the 19th she’ll be starting day care – she’ll be picked up before 10am and dropped off after 2pm. So she’ll be alone for two hours in the morning and three to four hours in the afternoon. In the early days we’ve asked family to come over to check on her and let her out to the garden at around 4pm but if I’m honest she sleeps so much at the moment I can’t see it being a problem.

        In terms of the choice of one or two puppies, I’d definitely get one. Research suggests owners who have siblings struggle because the either bond with each other and make it hard for the owner to bond with them or that they fight. Also, one puppy is hard enough as it is! Have you considered another house pet such as a kitten? Saffi loves our cats (though the feeling isn’t yet reciprocal…!)

        I hope this helps?

        Turi x

  3. Jen

    Hi Turi,

    thanks again for your help:)

    Other people have also said not to get 2 at once. I also think that I will need to get a bit older dog as the doggie day care places only take housebroken and leash broken dogs, and I need them before that would happen with a puppy. I don’t have anyone here to help me.

    Oh well it’s back to the rescue societies for me and hopefully I can find a lovely housebroken cockapoo that needs rehoming. So if you hear of one please let me know!

    All the best and will keep checking in to see how Saffi is getting on, Jen xo

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