I’d love to be a puppy

It must be a wonderful existence being a puppy – people cuddle you, feed you, play with you, ensure you’re safe and most puppies are actively encouraged to gain weight! In Saffi’s first week she has gained nearly half a kg which is approximately 1 lb.

Saffi being weighted

Saffi’s socialisation has continued and last night we introduced her to our friends’ Boxer Reed. Reed is a big, strong dog and I must admit I was slightly apprehensive. However, it couldn’t have gone better. Reed was gentle and Saffi was calm and confident. Saffi and Reed will be attending the same day care centre so we’re really pleased that they got on so well.

Saffi and Reed meet for the first time

Training is going well – Saffi will now sit for her food and before being given a toy. We’re working on her recall and she will now sleep throughout the night without crying. My Mum said she enjoyed my blog but did I need to mention peeing and pooing so much?! Little does she know toiletting becomes every puppy owners obsession! Generally we’ve averaging one accident a day which I don’t think is bad at all given she’s still so young. One problem has been the weather – our little madam doesn’t like the rain.

Marcus doesn’t pander to the puppy at all (!)


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  1. lol I love that photo of peeing under a brolly !!!!

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