Poo, vaccinations & tricks

What a horrific start to the day!!! We came down to a messy crate and a VERY messy puppy. Saffi was covered in her own poo and even had it on her forehead and ears. Luckily she has started to enjoy her baths in the kitchen sink, probably helped by the floating ball I keep in the water next to her. Once clean I set her back on the kitchen floor in preparation for breakfast and what did she do? She put her head in the cats’ litter tray for… well; you can use your imagination!!!

In general, it has been another busy week – Saffi had her second inoculation on Monday. Saffi’s first inoculation was done by our breeder’s vet using the brand ‘Nobivac’ and we were advised by our own vet that even though they don’t use or stock Nobivac her second inoculation should also be Nobivac. Apparently different brands cover different strains of Parvo and other doggie-related illnesses and therefore using a different brand for the first and second vaccination provides lower levels of cover. I called surrounding vets and learnt that Companion Vets at Pets at Home in New Maldon use Nobivac. My Aunt Ruth and Mum kindly took Saffi to Companion Care whilst I was at work, forewarning the vet that she likes a bit of drama and as predicted there was a bit of squealing! Some puppies can be poorly and/or tired for the remainder of the day following their vaccines but Saffi was as bouncy as normal. In a way I’m relieved that she didn’t receive her second vaccination at our usual vet – dogs can understandably become fearful of the vet (have you seen the size of the needles they use?!) and hopefully this is now less likely to happen. Companion Care vets also weighed her – at ten weeks she now weighs 3kg so she has gained 1 kg (approximately 2.2 lb.) in two weeks. I wonder if this rapid weight gain is, in part, due to ‘yummy’ litter tray truffles (gag)!?

Training continues to go well – she has been 99% ‘clean’ in the house for 3-4 days now. I’m swiftly realising that she’s a very clever girlie – she will sit by the back door to go out and when we oblige we discover she only wanted to go out to play!  She has also learned that all her toys are kept on one of our bookshelves, out of reach. She sits beneath it and looks up mournfully until one of us relents and plays with her. And if we take a book from another of the shelves she jumps up, ready for action!

She still sleeps throughout the night without a peep and in fact, having read that some people’s puppies only sleep for six hours I think we’re incredibly lucky. Saffi will sleep from 10.30pm to 6.45am. When we go down in the morning she’s normally awake and waiting patiently. She does love her crate and frequently goes to it during the day for a little ‘time out’.

 She loves our one-on-one training sessions and will now sit, jump up, do an anticlockwise and clockwise turn and come on command. We are working on ‘paw’ – I’ll try and video it, it’s too cute for words! We keep her training sessions short – the time it would take for the kettle to boil – and fun. I end our sessions with a command I know she has mastered so that each session ends on a positive note and always play or cuddle her afterwards.

Minor struggles we are having… her obsession with the bark and sticks in our garden and cigarette butts she picks up in my parents’ garden (they recently had building work done) and then there’s her love of chasing the poor cats.

This weekend she will have her first walk – we are so excited and in preparation have been attaching her lead and letting her trail it around the house (supervised) so that she gets used to it. We thought she’d get used to the lead and the novelty would wear off but she still is determined to carry it around the house. We’re not sure where we’ll take her for her first walk – watch this space!!!

Sadly, this weekend my Aunt Ruth is returning home. She kindly agreed to look after Saffi for the two weeks between Marcus and I returning to work and Saffi starting doggie day care – we really couldn’t have done this without her. She has been brilliant with Saffi – very patient and loving. Auntie Ruth caring for Saffi for these two weeks has also demonstrated how quickly a bond can be made between a person and a dog and it’s heart-warming to see them together.

Auntie Ruth with Saffi



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4 responses to “Poo, vaccinations & tricks

  1. Bess

    HI Turi,
    I found your blog the day before I got my cockapoo Julius. It’s been 3 nights now. The first night was AWESOME he slept solid for 7 hours in his crate in my room but the last two nights have been very tough. Just wondering about your first few nights with Saffi and how you acclimated her to her crate. I think Julius isn’t 100% on it yet. I got up this morning (I had to change rooms in the night because of his whining) and he had soiled his crate. He’s had a bit of an upset tummy since he came home, I’m guess this is just based on all of the changes. Anyways any advice/empathizing would be great 🙂


  2. Hi Bess,

    Thank you for your comment!

    Keep going with the crate training – remember it’s a puppy’s positive place so give them treats in there, perhaps save their favourite toys for their crate and never tell them off when they’re in their crate. Try to make it as cosy as possible – vet bedding, a blanket over the top, a cuddly toy. Saffi still has a cuddly toy in her crate as 21 weeks that is bigger than her!

    For the first three nights we took her out for her last wee and then woke up at 3am and took her out. We then stopped going down in the middle of the night and she still had accidents in her crate so we removed the paper in her crate and spread her vet bedding over the entire base of her crate. She still had the odd accident and our washing machine was on the go constantly. She had a funny tummy too (very common in the first couple of weeks – it does get better) and I can’t say I savour the memories of those clean-ups!

    I’d say she was clean in her crate overnight after about a week to ten days but every puppy is different. You will get there, I promise!

    Where did you get Julius from and what is he like? I love the name!

    Turi x

    • Bess

      Hi Turi,
      good to know I’m not alone. I moved him out of my bedroom the other night and he didn’t have an accident!! YAY! He sleeps with our golden retriever (separate crates) and they has quickly become best friends. I’m In Calgary, Alberta, Canada and I bought him from a breeder here. She has been so helpful as well which reassures me she was the right person to buy from. Julius is chocolate brown with green eyes, such a doll. I wish I could post a photo on here! Today is the first day I’ve left him and come to work. I’m definitely having separation anxiety. I think it is probably harder for me then it is for him. 🙂


      • Hi again Bess,

        I’m so pleased to hear that Julius had a clean night – hurrah!

        I’d love to see a picture of Julius and your Golden Retriever – if you’d like to send me a picture my email address is turi_ange@hotmail.com. I love chocolate Cockapoos, especially with green eyes. If I were going to get another (which I really cannot afford by the way!) I’d definitely get a choccy!

        It’s so hard leaving them in the morning – who is looking after Julius when you’re at work?

        Turi x

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