First day at ‘school’

As Marcus and I work full-time, my parents will look after Saffi two days a week and she will go to doggie day care the remaining three working days. Marcus’ friends have a boxer called Reed (mentioned in one of my earlier posts) who attends Paws ‘n Claws day care and because they came highly recommended we decided to go for them too.

Kim, who will be Saffi’s main carer, arrived at 7.40am this morning. Saffi instantly took to Kim and once we’d completed the paperwork and I’d handed over a set of keys they were off with Kim’s beautiful Weimaraner Charlie who covered Saffi in kisses.

Waiting for Kim & admiring our blossoming Magnolia tree 

 Kim will keep Saffi busy with walks, on and off-lead. Saffi will get the chance to play with other dogs, take frequent rests and will be given her second meal at 12ish. I texted Kim earlier to see how Saffi was getting on. Her response: ‘She’s very confident, happy to play with all the dogs and already has great recall!!!’ Glad to hear all those treats when we called her name seemed to do the trick!

In the early days, Kim will drop Saffi off at my parents’ house around 3.30pm. Once she is more accustomed to being alone she will be dropped off at our house – three hours is a long time for a little puppy so we hope to build up to this gradually. I’ve just received an update from my Mum who said that Kim informed her, upon dropping Saffi off, that Saffi is ‘gorgeous, well-behaved and fearless’. I’m over-the-moon that her first day has gone so well – when they’re this small it takes a leap of faith to leave your dog in someone else’s care :-).

Saffi with her new friends. Pup on the left is a Bernese Mountain Dog so will be huge fully-grown!


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