Bushy Park Cockapoo Meet

Back in December 2011 – yes, before Saffi had even been born! – I started a thread on the ILMC forum suggesting a Cockapoo meet in March 2012. I knew Saffi would be around 12 weeks old by March and meeting so many adult Cockapoos would be a brilliant experience for her. We decided to meet in Bushy Park today and were blessed with beautiful weather and a great turn-out. The dogs got on brilliantly and Saffi has been conked out for the past three hours…! As they say, a tired dog is a happy dog.

Seeing so many Cockapoos frolicking and playing together served to remind me just what brilliant temperaments Cockapoos have. Of course I am biased but I am so proud at how plucky our little Saffi is… as the youngest there she took the boisterousness and rough and tumble in her stride… and actually kept returning for more…!

Some photos…

Tallulah (in the background) jumps for her owner Ruth’s attention! 

Millie & Benji

Saffi is the teeny one on the left 

Millie takes a dip

Monty & Dylan

Bodie with his stick 

Bodie & Saffi

Betty Bossy Knickers


Monty & Benji cooling off

A group shot at the end 



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2 responses to “Bushy Park Cockapoo Meet

  1. HI Turi!

    Great meeting you all (albeit briefly) on Sunday. Our Dylan got in the car and declared that we should have taken Saffi home as well….I’m sure Mojo agreed…hmmmm…cheeky girls….
    Having trouble with ilovemy…website – keep being notified of trojan virus every time I visit so may not be on there very often. Will keep up to date with you via blog though (Jojo also).

    Nadine x

    • Hi Nadine,

      Thank you for coming – it was lovely to meet you and your boys .

      Yes, Mojo and Saffi did seem to take a liking to each other didn’t they? Shame we didn’t get any pictures of them rolling around.

      Sorry to hear about the Trojan Virus – that’s frustrating. There is another forum if you wanted to keep in touch with other Cockapoo owners. This is the address: http://www.cockapooclubchat.co.uk/.

      If there are other meets I’ll be sure to get in touch!

      Turi x

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