Cosmopolitan pooch

Saffi hasn’t been on the tube for a couple of weeks so I asked my Mum to come and meet me after work with her yesterday. Together they caught the Piccadilly Line from South Kensington to Green Park – Saffi hasn’t been on a line that travels underground yet so I wondered if the new sights, sounds and smells might freak her out a bit but apparently she was completely unfazed. On this occasion my Mum carried her but next time I will take her on foot (armed with poo bags!)

I took Saffi into the office briefly – I didn’t let her on the ground as my boss had said I’d be in trouble if she had an accident but she was as good as gold and gently greeted all my squealing colleagues with a nice lick and wagging tail.

All three of us took the bus home and managed to get a seat at the front on the top deck. We took a picture to demonstrate just how relaxed Saffi is on public transport – what a seasoned traveller she is!

Saffi on the Number 22


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