Basking in the Afternoon Sun…

Taking pictures of a fast-moving puppy is near-impossible – especially if you have photography skills like mine! But both Saffi and Marcus were napping in the sun yesterday and I was able to get some lovely shots…

Enjoying a snuggle on the sofa

Too hot – need space!

‘Oh go on then…take another picture if you have to!’

I can’t believe Saffi is 16 weeks – the last eight weeks have flown by!



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6 responses to “Basking in the Afternoon Sun…

  1. Caroline Hanson-Lowe

    Gorgeous photos. It’s so interesting to see how Saffi is changing week to week. She is a very beautiful dog and I’m sure you and Marcus must get asked what kind of dog she is every time you step outside the front door. I’m also very impressed also that you managed to find some sun in Putney yesterday as it rained all day here in Balham!

    • Hi Caroline,

      Thank you – we think she’s beautiful too.

      We do get asked – sometimes people want to know more, sometimes people can imply she is a ‘designer dog’ which is frustrating.

      When will this rain stop?! Four pets + rain = muddy footprints EVERYWHERE!

      Turi x

  2. lol – before I scrolled down I thought the cushion was Saffi and was about to say how curly she was !!!

  3. Jane Verrell

    Hi Turi – just checking in! Turi has the most fabulous eyes I have seen in a cockapoo. Her coat is growing beautifully too. x

    • Hi Jane!

      Thank you! Saffi’s fur is darker around her eyes and it almost looks like eyeliner – I’ll have to get a close-up.

      Her coat is lovely and soft at the moment but I’m dreading her adult coat and the matts that everyone talks about.

      Any news your end?

      Turi x

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