The shame!

On Monday we attended Saffi’s third puppy class. Our homework from the second week had been to teach our dogs to ‘stay’ and since Saffi had won the ‘sit’ competition the teacher Louise used her to demonstrate the ‘stay’ command. We watched (proudly!) as Saffi picked up the command quite quickly. When we got home, however, it was a different story. We had no success with the ‘stay’ command which wasn’t helped by the fact that Marcus and I had a busy week and not a lot of time to concentrate on training. When it came to demonstrating the ‘stay’ command this week and we were shown up by children under the age of ten we vowed never to neglect Saffi’s training again!

This week’s homework is the ‘down’ command. I received an excited call from Marcus yesterday morning saying that in the half hour before he left the house Saffi was starting to get the hang of it. We practiced again last night and this morning and she has definitely mastered it. Now that she knows ‘down’ I would like to teach her to roll over though one step at a time.

In the eight weeks that we’ve had Saffi she has learnt the following commands: ‘sit’, ‘turn’ (clockwise turn), ‘about’ (anti-clockwise turn), ‘up’, ‘down’, ‘paw’, ‘come’, ‘off’ (with varying degrees of success…!), ‘toilet’, ‘fetch’ and ‘drop’ and her recall is brilliant. Having never owned a dog before I’m unsure what the average rate of learning is but I’ve been incredibly impressed with Saffi and the best bit is seeing her tail wag when we do our training sessions – she’s just so eager to learn! Now we just need to teach her not to pull on the lead…


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