Mud glorious mud!

I am sure I am not the only dog owner who signed in resignation at the weather forecast this weekend. Walking Saffi in the rain and mud is great fun – she takes great joy in jumping in every puddle she can find and being so pale-coated it isn’t long before her undercarriage is dark and it looks as if she has been dipped in black paint! When she is dirty we have to put her in her crate when we get home so that she doesn’t trail mud throughout the house – we wait for her to dry so we can brush the mud out. Or, if she’s really mucky she requires a full wash which she really doesn’t enjoy!

A lot of Cockapoo owners buy Equafleeces for their dogs A Cockapoo’s adult coat knots and matts easily and an Equafleece in wet/muddy/snowy weather can massively reduce post-walk grooming requirements. I was looking forward to buying one for Saffi though never thought I would be contemplating her one at this time of year!

Saffi on the back seat of the car after a particularly muddy route


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