Leaving Saffi for the first time…

Marcus and I went to a wedding in Belfast this weekend and it was the first time we’ve been away from Saffi. My parents kindly agreed to look after her and I’ve no doubt that they did a brilliant job. At the wedding reception Marcus and I felt like one of those boring couples who bore other people with stories of their perfect children but we just missed her so much! The welcome that we received when we returned leads us to believe that she missed us too…

My parents, conscious of the fact that we were missing Saffi, were great at keeping in touch with news and photos. Unfortunately for them we were away over one of the wettest weekends in ages and so a lot of their weekend was spent cleaning up muddy footprints and washing an unwilling puppy…

Saffi doing her best ‘drowned rat’ impression

Lovely and flumpy post-bath (ready for more muddy puddles)

Knowing that my parents would have to wash her at some point Marcus and I mischievously decided not to mention that post-bath Saffi is an absolute LUNATIC! She runs around growing, snarling and snuffling, rubbing herself on any surface she comes across. People call this the ‘Doodle Dash’!



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2 responses to “Leaving Saffi for the first time…

  1. Lisa Agnew

    I love how tiny they look when wet !
    We have left Dexter for odd nights & my parents have cared for him in our home with our children ‘helping’ ! In 3 weeks we go to Florida so Dexter will move in with them ….. I’m sure they’ll do everything they can but I am quite nervous !!!!

    • When we go walking and Saffi’s legs get wet she looks like a little sheep! Not her most flattering look ; )

      I’m sure that Dexter will be absolutely fine with your parents… he’ll be used to them by now and will see them as part of his family. It’s natural to worry though…

      Turi x

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