Two losses in one day!

When we woke up this morning Saffi wandered around the sitting room chomping down as if she were chewing gum. I tried to look in her mouth but couldn’t find anything. Five minutes’ later, as Marcus and Saffi were playing tug-of-war, Saffi coughed and out popped a tooth! She didn’t seem to bothered and just wanted to carry on playing. Having seen the size of her teeth I’d guess that she’s now lost the majority of her baby teeth but this was the first one we’d actually witnessed.

In a similar vein of ‘growing up’ we trimmed Saffi’s face today. Her hair kept getting in her eyes and to be honest I prefer the way that she looks with shorter facial hair. I trimmed about an inch off each ear, more than an inch off the hair under her eyes and an inch off her jaw line. I didn’t manage to do her beard as by this point she was getting a bit fed up.

Saffi pre-trim

Saffi’s multi-coloured coat

Saffi post-trim and not cooperating for the camera!

The finished look isn’t perfect but will have to do for the time-being. Saffi gets hot in warmer weather and her coat is already starting to matt and tangle. I do think, however, that I’ll invest in some double-sided scissors to avoid the ‘pudding bowl/Mummy just cut my hair’ look!


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