What I’d do to be at home right now…

On my sister’s mid-week days off she and my Mum often spend the day together with Saffi in tow. They’re brilliant at sending me little updates and photos over the course of the day.

Saffi excited to meet Alex after her Hot Yoga session

Hot hot hot with Grandma in the park!

Making a new friend

I’m so lucky that my family adore and look after Saffi so well but on days like this when it’s a whopping 25 degrees in London and I’m cooped up in the office I can’t help wishing I was with them!



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3 responses to “What I’d do to be at home right now…

  1. James Blazey

    Hi Turi

    Is that Hurlingham park? I used to live down Alderville road opposite. Saffi is looking gourgeous!

    James x (Rubydoo)

  2. James Blazey

    Gorgeous even! Predictive iPad text!

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