Sun, sea & sand (without the Saf Pig)

Tonight Marcus and I are staying at his parents’ in Sussex because tomorrow we go on a week’s break to Egypt. Marcus and I have never been away just the two of us so we’re super excited.

However, as I packed Saffi’s things to take her over to my Mum’s earlier and was trying to choose the toys she’d most enjoy for the week I came over all emotional. Saffi will be staying with my Mum tomorrow and Friday – being with my Mum two workdays a week she is quite used to spending time with her so should be fine. On Friday evening my Mum will be dropping Saffi off with my friend Sue who I met through ILMC. Sue is a member of the Cockapoo Club of Great Britain and has two ‘Poos called Maisie and Bess.



Maisie and Bess are both beautiful dogs and I know Sue will take brilliant care of Saffi. She’ll probably have such a wonderful week with them that she won’t want to return. It’s me that is gutted at the prospect of not seeing her for so long… feeling a bit sorry for myself if truth be told :-(.


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