Long overdue post!

What a busy few weeks! We’ve been on holiday, enjoyed mine and my sister’s birthday celebrations & work has been manic.

Saffi had a wonderful time at Sue’s with Bess & Maisie. She bonded with Bess in particular who as bouncy, if not more so, than Saffi. Sue took some brilliant shots of the two of them playing.

Chase me Bess!

Rough and tumble time

Puffed out!

Marcus and I missed her terribly whilst we were away but the welcome we got when we returned was second-to-none and we were able to relax in the knowledge that Sue was looking after Saffi as if she was one of her own.

We got lots of cuddles when we returned from holiday

Once we returned home Saffi was a bit blue and relations with the cats took a bit of a backward step, perhaps because Saffi was used to playing with Bess and expending excess energy. If the cats approached her when she was trying to sleep she’d really warn them off and she began chasing them which inevitably made them very nervous. We had to introduce a ‘time out’ in the hall each and every time she chased the cats and things have improved dramatically.

We then found Saffi’s first tick – having read about Lyme Disease I was terrified about removing it myself and to be honest it’s little wiggly legs made my skin crawl. Marcus took her to the vet where they kindly removed the offending beastie free-of-charge. En route to the vet Saffi fell over and sprained her shoulder. I didn’t even know that dogs could fall over! She was given a jab for the pain and anti-inflammatories for a week. We were instructed to use a harness and not let her off the lead. By the end of the week she’d stopped limping and was climbing the walls – one benefit of all the on-lead walking however is that she began to walk to heel brilliantly. We also discovered that she tends to pull less with a harness rather than a collar.

Saffi’s training is still going strong however I learnt the hard way that she’s not ready to be left out of her crate whilst we’re not there. Last weekend I had a shower on Saturday morning and left her out of her crate – she hasn’t had an accident for weeks so thought it would be a good test. I was gone for 45 minutes and this is what I came down to:

To be fair on Saffi this was our first casualty but she won’t be left out of her crate for the time being!



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