The results of Saffi’s first professional groom

My Mum mentioned that Saffi has been panting excessively in our recent (albeit sporadic) warm weather. When I was hesitant about Saffi receiving a groom she quite rightly reminded me that Saffi’s comfort is a higher priority than how she looks – Mums always know best ;  ).

So Saffi was taken to Pets at Home in New Malden where she had a style called a ‘puppy cut’ – a simple one inch all over cut. The result – she looks gorgeous! Her eyes look big and her brown ‘eyeliner’ has been accentuated. Her coat feels like velvet – we can’t stop stroking her. I asked for her moustache and beard to be trimmed – I don’t like the way it can get a bit wet and I’m not sure how I feel about her fishy (‘Fish 4 Dogs’) kisses – and I love the way she now more closely resembles a Cocker Spaniel. I asked for her tail to be left alone – she has a white tip on the end and I love the way it’s beginning to swish as it gets longer.

I was nervous (especially after I got a bit snippy happy a few weeks ago) but these results are so different. And as bizarre as it sounds she seems to know there is something different and has been careering in circles around us showing off. Some photos…

Feel my velvety shorn tummy

Lollipops – pah! At Pets at Home you get a bandana if you’re good

I know I’m gorgeous and you want to take pictures but putting me on a table to get me to be stay still, that’s one step too far

If you come closer you’ll be able to smell my minty fresh breath

I’m you’re brown-eyed girl

Despite her cut costing more than my own hair I’ll definitely leave it to the professionals next time.



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2 responses to “The results of Saffi’s first professional groom

  1. Caroline Hanson-Lowe

    Saffi looks absolutely gorgeous. There is a new Pets At Home near us in Wimbledon so feel quite tempted to try them after seeing Saffi’s new cut!
    Biba has become very shaggy around the face and, given her penchant for very muddy smelly puddles, has had several baths a week! She badly needs a cut but the groomer I use for my poodle is impossible to get hold of. More importantly Biba’s claws are VERY long and causing damage to both skin and clothes! Will report back!


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