‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…’

Last weekend we took Saffi to the south coast to visit relatives. As we were staying the night at my Aunt Noni & Uncle Hamed’s house we needed to take a crate with us but rather than lug her heavy metal one down with us we took her fabric one that we’d bought especially for travelling. We put her crate in our bedroom as we suspected that she might be apprehensive about sleeping downstairs in a new house and when Marcus went to bed he took her with him. I thought she’d be exhausted after all the new sights and sounds but she barked very noisily until Marcus let her back downstairs – she made it very clear that she didn’t want to go to bed until we were ALL going to bed!

On the Saturday we walked to the beach. She has never been to the beach before so we were excited about how she would react. However, she was slightly more apprehensive than we had thought she’d be. It wasn’t until my cousin Samira and I started paddling in the sea that she joined us. She delighted in the sandy patches on the otherwise pebble beach and enjoyed a really good dig. She also LOVED the seaweed but having heard other people’s horror stories of their dogs vomiting after eating things on the beach or drinking sea water I tried to tempt her away.

Some photos…

In the afternoon we went to my Aunt Ruth’s house for afternoon tea. Those who have been following my blog from the start may remember that Ruth stayed with us for two weeks when we first got Saffi – it was lovely to see them together again and Ruth was shocked to see how much she had grown.

On Sunday we went to a Cockapoo meet organised by one of the Cockapoo Club of Great Britain’s forum members. The meet was held at Farnham Park http://www.waverley.gov.uk/info/200029/countryside/687/farnham_park in Surrey. We had to get to Surrey for 11am and as we rushed around packing up our things Saffi ran into my Noni and Hamed’s bedroom and jumped onto their bed for a cuddle.  I reluctantly put her on her lead – it was clear she’d have happily stayed there instead of come with us!

The meet was brilliant fun – there were a whopping 22 Cockapoos! Sue, who looked after Saffi when we went on holiday, was there with Maisie and Bess. Saffi gave Sue the warmest welcome – it was obvious that she remembered her! Seeing Saffi amongst so many other Cockapoos demonstrated that she’s a smaller-than-average little pup – there are benefits to her size though. I can easily carry her up the escalator in the tube!

Rufus, Basil, Bess & Saffi

‘Follow me folks!’

There was a wonderful range of Cockapoo colours at the meet

Cockapoos a.k.a. Pogos!

We were blessed with some wonderful weather

And then the heavens opened just in time for our group shot!



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4 responses to “‘Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…’

  1. Jason

    This been a pleasure to read as like yourself I’ve been looking as many different types of breeds and have chosen a cockerpoo as the dog I want . Not had a dog in years but have two house cats so great to know and from what I’ve been reading they get along with cat phewww .
    Really helped me a lots big thank you

    • Hi Jason,

      Thank you for your lovely comments. How is your search coming along? I will update my blog soon with some new pictures of Saffi and the cats… they will put your mind at rest!

      Turi x

      • Jason

        Ive found a breeder she only bred her cocker spaniel once and a friend of mine had a little girl off her that’s 6 months old now and beautiful . She going to breed her 1last time in may and will let me have pick of litter woo hoo it a apricot girl I want so hopefully by September I should have a little girl x

      • Hi Jason,

        That’s great news – you must be SO excited!

        Does she do all the relevant health testing as well?

        Turi x

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