Poor forlorn puppy

Saffi is home after being spayed and is like a completely different dog – she’s forlorn and very lethargic. We’re assured by our vet that this is completely normal but what I wasn’t expecting is that she wouldn’t go to the loo. We’ve taken her outside but she skunks back into her crate. Poor baby girl 😦

Saffi understandably feeling very sorry for herself



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4 responses to “Poor forlorn puppy

  1. Jane Verrell

    Hi Turi

    How is Saffi now? It took about 36 hours for Biscuit to totally get back to his normal self. Glad it’s over now! Jane xxx

    • Hi Jane!

      Thank you for asking about Saffi – sorry for the delay. WordPress has been playing up and I haven’t been able to log in and approve comments.

      Saffi is 100% better now but it was pretty awful – I’ve admittedly always thought that people were overreacting with worry when their pup goes under but seeing Saffi so vulnerable and miserable was heart-breaking. I don’t know if I could do it again!

      How is gorgeous Biscuit? It’s not long until your second addition… am very jealous btw 

      Keep us posted with tonnes of pictures!

      Turi x

      • Jane Verrell

        Glad to hear that Saffi is now recovered. It must be a much bigger deal with the girls. Not looking forward to it with Honey. Biscuit is really lovely these days and a very easy-going little chap to have around. His still gets very anxious when I leave him behind a door to carry out a quick chore, but is fine in his crate. Maybe that will get better with another poo. I’m really looking forward to going on my first ‘meet’ in Brighton!

        Jane xxx

      • I’m sure that Biscuit will be less anxious with company – I’m so envious about your second poo. I wish we could get one!

        Turi x

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