Saffi is being spayed today

At 1pm today Saffi will be ‘going under’ in order to be spayed.

Some vets advise that the operation is done at six months, others prefer to wait three months after the first season – it really is down to personal preference. Given that Marcus and I work full-time & Saffi wouldn’t be able to attend day care during a season we decided to spay her before her first season.

Spaying reduces the risk of the following:

  • Infections like Pymetra;
  • Cysts;
  • Cancer of the womb;
  • Cancer of the ovaries;
  • Mammary tumors – apparently spaying before the first season reduces the risk by 99% and after the first season by 95%.

Spayed bitches can develop urinary incontinence later in life regardless of whether the operation is done pre or post first season.

Saffi woke up this morning full of beans and very hungry – however we’d been given strict instructions not to feed her before going to the vet. Feeling guilty at her ‘why aren’t you feeding me’ face I let her upstairs as I got ready for work. What a mistake…

As soon as my back was turned Saffi found something satisfying to keep her entertained

She was dropped off at the vet soon after and will be going into surgery at 1pm. I’ve already called the vet (neurotic puppy owner, I know!) and they’ve asked me to call back at 2pm to arrange a time to pick her up later.

I know it’s a routine operation but I can’t help feeling apprehensive…


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One response to “Saffi is being spayed today

  1. Jane Verrell

    Ah poor Saffi. She does look a little sorry for herself! Biccy is going in for his op on Wednesday. I’m dreading the pick-up bit when they are all groggy! I only decided a few days ago to book him in as we were going to leave it until he was a year but then thought he should have it done before the new pup arrives. Hope Saffi is brighter tomorrow! Jane xxx

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