Saffi is NOT in our good books…

Saffi is just under seven months old and has definitely hit adolescence – she has been chasing the cats no end, stealing things around the house, pushing the boundaries and fighting for more independence, chewing everything in sight and generally being a bit of a daemon dog ;  ).

Marcus came home yesterday from work around 6pm – Saffi would have been by herself after day care for 2.5 hours. She’d somehow got past the baby gate in the hall and upstairs. Marcus found poos and pees in most rooms, the contents of our bins all over the floor, chewed cotton wool buds, my (expensive) make-up brushes shredded in the bathroom, the washing pulled off the clothes horse and downstairs the contents of the cats’ litter tray was everywhere… she’d clearly had a brilliant time in our absence!

I’ve been trying to work out if we have inadvertently contributed to her rebellious behaviour. In the last two weeks we’ve stopped crating her in the afternoon and overnight. She seems to love the freedom but I’m wondering if we need to go back a step until we can teach her to amuse herself less destructively. Also, Marcus and I have been busy recently and I can’t help thinking that we’ve neglected her training and lack of mental stimulation is leading to boredom.

Seeing, and having to clear up after, her antics has given us a bit of a kick up the bottom. She has been such an easy dog to look after up until now – I hope we haven’t left it too late!



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4 responses to “Saffi is NOT in our good books…

  1. Bess

    I can’t tell you how much I love reading this blog!! Julius is teething right now and has become a little monster! He still listens but his separation anxiety is through the roof and he’s peeing in his crate (which he hasn’t done since I first got him). It’s really incredible the stages they go through. One step forward and 6 steps back! I’ve been feeling a little isolated as none of my friends have puppies so I’m very much alone in my frustration… And then I come here and realize it’s not just me. I’m sorry to hear about your makeup brushes…Those are pricey. I think going back to crate might be a good idea (if you’re looking for feedback) if only to save you some sanity and money :). I don’t think you’ve left it to late. Just a phase I’m sure… That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.


    • Hi Bess,

      Thank you for your comment – I’m so pleased you’re enjoying the blog. It will certainly be interesting to see how far we’ve come when she’s a year old!

      I’m sorry to hear about Julius’ teething – we’ve stocked up on LOTS of chews and Saffi goes bananas for Stag bars which are essentially antlers. They last for ages too.

      I wonder why his separation anxiety has worsened… has anything in your set up/circumstances recently changed?

      I realised I never replied to your email – it was just before my boyfriend and I went on holiday and life was a bit manic. Julius is just scrummy – I’m not surprised you’re besotted!

      Hope to hear more news soon,

      Turi x

  2. Caroline Hanson-Lowe

    Hi Turi

    Am also enjoying your posts so keep them coming!

    Having had a dog before, I know that they go through different phases and that it really is not something you can control, only manage!! We’re not quite at the adolescent phase with Biba but I can see it’s just round the corner. We’ve been away for a week and in fact are going away again for a fortnight. Biba has been back with her mother and brother for our first week away and obviously had a wonderful time with her litter mate to play with. She’s been back with us a week and we’ve had to stop the crate too. She was sleeping on my friend’s bed or one of her daughter’s beds whilst she was with them and there was no way that she was going back in the crate after that! She has been in our room but in fact has been incredibly well behaved, probably because she knows what the alternative is!!

    The chewing has however really began in earnest so my ploy is to have lots of chews around the place for her. I have to keep her with me at all times when she is in the house or she would also steal and cause havoc. As it is, she has already chewed up one of my favourite (and most comfortable and irreplaceable!) sandals and had a good attempt at ruining an incredibly expensive pair of my daughter’s boots. On both occasions, she had probably only been on her own for 5 minutes but it was too late as the damage had already been done! She does seem to have a thing about shoes!!

    Her next time away from us, she will be staying with a family who don’t own a dog but are thinking of getting one. They’ve dog sat before but I am worried none the less!!

    Good luck with Saffi. Female dogs often quieten down after they’ve been spayed and as Saffi has been such a dream dog, I’m sure this phase will pass. It’s hard work though! Rather like having children….!

    Caro x


    • Hi Caro,

      It’s always a bit tricky when your dog stays with friends and they’re allowed to do things you’d never let them get away with at home! How are things now that she’s back at home?

      It’s interesting to hear that Biba has been chewing like Saffi… apparently dogs can take a while to get used to their adult teeth. Sorry to hear about the casualties – your daughter must have been gutted about the boots :-(.

      Hope to hear more about gorgeous Biba soon 🙂

      Turi x

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