A confession I never thought I’d be making.

Marcus came back from a business trip at around 2pm today and found Saffi at home. She had cleared the puppy gate again and soiled the carpets and bathroom floor upstairs. He commented that she was home from day care very early… I felt sick to my stomach as I checked my phone and the messages I have stored to and from Kim, Saffi’s day carer… and it dawned on me that I’d forgotten to organise cover today.

I’ve been inconsolable all afternoon. And was even worse after speaking to Kim and realising that I made the same mistake last week and Saffi had been by herself from 7.30am until 6.30pm on Wednesday and Thursday… hence the pee and poo incident on Thursday.

The idea of her being by herself for eleven hours… I can’t even begin to imagine how deserted and distressed she must have been. It’s going to take me a long time to forgive myself and I just hope that I haven’t done any long-term damage to our darling pup…



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12 responses to “A confession I never thought I’d be making.

  1. Jane Verrell

    Ah Turi. I can imagine how you must be feeling but don’t beat yourself up about it too much. You are a very caring owner and I’m sure there will be no long-term damage. At least it explains her behaviour and it is not just a naughty phase. I am sure that with your continuing love and cuddles and a familiar routine back in place, she will soon be back to normal again. Best wishes, Jane xxx

    • Hi Jane,

      You’re so kind – everyone has been lovely about it.

      I’m feeling a lot more upbeat now than I was last week – I can’t dwell on what was an error forever.

      Not long now until your new addition – you must be SO excited! Any more pictures of gorgeous Honey?

      Turi x

      • Jane Verrell

        Hi Turi

        I am eagerly awaiting a pic of Honey but Ian did say he would send updates when he could and I think he is quite busy as they have another litter of 5 pups that are a week older from their cocker called Summer (golden one). We met Honey almost 2 weeks ago and took our own pics but it doesn’t feel quite real yet as we haven’t had any updates to see how they are growing but will just have to be patient! We had weekly updates until then but I know they were away for a few days too and had organised for someone to look after the pups. Fingers crossed we will get a pic soon!

        Hope all is now well with Saffi.

        Jane xxx

  2. Santosh (tosh) robinson

    Hi Turi
    You are an amazing mummy to saffi. She is clealy very loved and cared for and this was just a little blip.. Please don’t be so hard on yourself. I’m sure we’ve all had experiences that we would rather not happen – I think you’re very brave to be so open and honest about it. I’m not an expert but I think you need to just carry on as normal and she will have forgotten about it. lots of cuddles and playtime and no more hiding under sheets! take care tosh x

    • Hi Tosh,

      Thank you for your lovely works – Saffi has received so many cuddles over the last few days she must be wondering what all the fuss is about! We’ve reverted back to her being in her crate for the time being. We’ll see how she gets on long-term.

      How is lovely little Mitzi? I’d love to see a picture!

      Turi x

      • Santosh (tosh) robinson

        That’s great that she’s forgotten about it. I keep meaning to post pics but with one thing or another haven’t managed it. Mitzi is just adorable. We were hoping to come to the Brighton meet but Pete’s step mum is staying a few days so sadly will have to give it a miss. I can’t believe how quickly Mitzi is growing in size and temperament. We’ve had the odd incidents about overall she is an absolute joy. working from home has made it easier and sometimes more difficult as she distracts me but hand on heart I never thought I would feel so attached to my little buddy. Hope we can meet up again soon. Sx

      • Hey Tosh,

        We’re also unable to make the walk in Brighton – Marcus is away and my elderly grandmother is down to visit.

        Make sure you post some pictures of Mitzi soon – she sounds adorable. I’m so pleased you’re so besotted!

        Turi x

  3. Ed

    We live and we learn. Surely Saffi was uncomfortable and distraught, and it was an unpleasant experience for all of you, but she’ll be OK. And judging by your emotional devastation at making that mistake, you will be unlikely to make it again!

    Just be wary of any signs of separation anxiety or boredom building up, and address them right away if they do. Cockapoos are highly intelligent, sensitive, and energetic, so they need lots of mental stimulation, exercise, and attention. Otherwise they will develop behavioral issues. I don’t think I’m telling you anything you don’t know, but there it is.

    It sounds, from the few posts and bits I’ve read, like you’ve studied up a lot…have you checked out The Cockapoo Owner’s Handbook? It’s my book, so I’m quite partial to it. Also, my wife and I offer a free Cockapoo Obedience Training Guide at our site, which is good to teach and (if you’ve already done obedience) reinforce good habits. Cockapoos love to learn, it helps calm their minds and is a good outlet for their energy and emotions.

    • Hi Ed!

      Thank you for your comments – I’ll be sure to check out your website 🙂

      Saffi loves training – I posted a video of her top tricks a couple of weeks ago. If you watch it you’ll see just how much her tail wags!

      Turi x

  4. Ed

    Hi Turi,

    I shared your blog on our Facebook site, and it already has a dozen likes. So don’t be surprised if you make some new friends and fans. Do come and share some photos and videos with our members, they’ll enjoy them. My cockapoo, Albion, is the one on the cover of both of editions of the handbook, and on the cover images of the Facebook page. He’s a doggy model, and has appeared on several club and humane society websites. Cockapoos are too darned cute to not take photos of, right? =)


    • Thank you for sharing my blog details – yesterday was my busiest day EVER with over 400 views 🙂

      Albion looks gorgeous and very smiley!

      Turi x

      • Ed

        Hi Turi,

        Congrats on the views, I hope it was partially due to our posts on Facebook and our website. We love to help out other enthusiasts, especially when they blog, too. Thanks for listing us in your links, by the way.

        Albion is a great dog, but for his first year, when I still was new to owning a Cockapoo…boy was he a handful! That’s one of the reasons my wife and I decided to make CockapooCrazy.com, to help owners who were having the kinds of issues we did, but also to create a community where everyone could just plain show off their dog. It has grown into such a gigantic site, and the amount of visitors always amazes me, growing all the time. I hope the same thing happens to your blog…there’s nothing like making new friends!


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