Size isn’t everything… is it?

Today whilst walking Saffi my Dad came across a Toy Cockapoo… that was bigger than Saffi! Granted, it was fully grown but it did make me wonder just how our pup compares size-wise to other Cockapoos her age.

Tonight we did the ‘tin test’ – problem is I can’t remember if you’re meant to gauge their height at their shoulder or the top of their head! See below for the results…

She was also weighed and comes in at 7.6kg.

Let me know how she compares to yours – she will be eight months in just a couple of days time.

Turi x



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8 responses to “Size isn’t everything… is it?

  1. Lisa A

    Dexter is 8 months and 10 kgs – haven’t measured him in tins though

  2. Bess

    Hi Turi,

    I did the can test and Julius looks to be the same height as Saffi and is currently 14 pounds. He is just over 5 months.

    Hope this helps!


  3. Rufini

    Vincent is 13 months and 12KG 🙂 We met a cockapoo on a walk at the weekend and Vincent looked teeny! They were both the same age but the other cockapoo (Charlie!) was a good few inches taller.

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