I will NOT cooperate

With the recent wet weather Saffi has been getting soaking wet and muddy. Even though she was recently cut quite short it’s still a bit of a hassle trying to keep her clean. This morning, for the first time, we put on her red Equafleece in preparation for yet more downpours.

What a sulk! She wouldn’t budge when we left the house to get in the car & I eventually carried her. When we dropped her off at my parents I practically had to drag her up the drive, she barely wagged her tail when she saw my Mum and apparently once we’d left stood stock still refusing to move.











Saffi looking gorgeous in her red Equafleece

My parents eventually resorted to removing the coat and she instantly returned to her normal, bouncy, happy self.

Has anyone else experienced behaviour like this?!


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One response to “I will NOT cooperate

  1. Caroline Hanson-Lowe

    Hi Turi. Yes, I most definitely have experienced behaviour like this! It’s the poodle in Saffi coming out! My poodle is a nightmare on the lead. She will just about tolerate it until we get to the common.Then, she sits down on her bottom and refuses to budge until the lead is removed! Meanwhile, my bouncy cockapoo is pulling in the opposite direction. I’m disappointed though to learn that the coat wasn’t well received! Biba adores muddy puddles and needs to be washed about three times a week!! i was hoping that a waterproof coat might be the way to go for the winter but possibly I may have to think again!

    Thank you too for your wonderful post earlier in the week. I sent the link to my dog loving friends to brighten up their day.


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