The ‘big’ reveal…

Such exciting news – my parents GOT A PUPPY!!! After months of gentle persuasion they decided to get their very own Cockapoo and are delighted with her… I still can’t quite believe we’ll have another ‘Poo in the famly.

Please meet ‘puppy’ who is yet to be named.

Close up

Puppy tummy

Isn’t she adorable?!

We – I mean my parents (!) – adopted puppy from a hobby breeder called Allison in Shropshire. Allison has a great approach to dog breeding and is so knowledgeable, particularly regarding health testing, genetics and socialisation. She patiently answered all my questions… and anyone who knows me will know there would have been lots of them!

Puppy’s Mummy is the stunning Darcy, a chocolate roan English Cocker Spaniel from working lines. Both Darcy’s parents were PRA clear which means that she is hereditarily clear through parentage. Darcy is affectionate and very people-orientated.



Darcy’s beautiful markings & stunning eyes

Puppy’s Daddy, Bigwig, is a chocolate Miniature Poodle owned by Allison’s friend Lucy who breeds Labradoodles, Cockapoos and occasionally Goldendoodles. Bigwig has been Optigen tested for PRA and is clear.

Puppy was one of nine puppies – five chocolate girls, three chocolate boys and just one apricot boy. Given that Bigwig is a young stud, I think you could say he did rather well! All the puppies were born with liver coloured noses which means they’ll develop beautiful green/amber eyes.

All puppies

All nine puppies

My parents knew they wanted a girl – here is a picture of all five girls together.


How my parents chose between these little beauties, I don’t know!

Puppy is settling in so well. She loves nothing more than wiggling her way into your lap for a cuddle. She is confident, playful, mouthing everything, bounds up to you like a rabbit and is proving to be a bit of an explorer. She chases you if you run and we’ve had to be so careful not to step on her as she has a habit of settling on your feet if you stand in one place for too long.

Saffi was initially curious and a bit snappy – I must admit that I was a bit apprehensive. However, now that she has adjusted they have been inseparable – lots of rough and tumble, toy sharing (and stealing), licks and shnuffles. I think they’re going to be the best of friends.

Share my teddy

On bed
Some lovely cuddly shots – will put up a video soon!

I am loving helping my parents adjust to puppy ownership and from a selfish perspective the new arrival has satisfied my puppy broodiness! I’m just relieved that I didn’t view Allison’s litter with them or I’d have wanted to take them ALL home with me. Allison has just three puppies left to find new homes – a chocolate boy and two chocolate girls. If anyone would like Allison’s details please don’t hesitate to get in touch – I cannot recommend her more highly.

Turi, Saffi & ‘Puppy’




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4 responses to “The ‘big’ reveal…

  1. allison griffiths

    Great blog Turi, couldn’t be happier that puppy has found such a fab family !!!

  2. Caroline

    Hi Turi, I found your blog yesterday as I started my own search for a cockapoo! I am interested in Allison’s girl puppies – could you let me have her details? Huge thanks. Caroline

  3. Abigail Horsfield

    Hi I’m getting a chocolate girl from Lucy at notjustanylabradoodles. Big wig is the Daddy of our puppy too. I think Pebbles is the mum. Our puppy is less than 2 weeks old so we are yet to meet her but very very excited. I think we are going to call her Libery (Libby) it will be our first step into dog ownership one that has taken a long time to decide upon and find the right breeder. I have loved finding website and blogs like yours and the information found within has been invaluable to me. A big thank you to all those dedicated cockapoo lovers out there!

    • Hi Abigail,

      Thank you for your comment! My parents’ puppy and yours will be related :-). Big Wig looks stunning and I think, though may be wrong, that my parents’ puppy’s Mummy Darcey is Pebbles’ sister.

      The countdown to getting your puppy will go by quickly, don’t worry!

      Keep in touch,

      Turi x

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