What will your order be madam?

The puppy has been named – she is called Phoebe, Pheebs to her friends, because she runs like the ‘Friends’ character!

We have fallen in love with her feisty & boisterous nature and she has become a real ‘Partner-in-Crime’ for my Dad. In fact he sent me a picture this morning during his daily Starbucks run…


“If I look cute maybe he’ll give me some – I have got him wrapped around my little paw after all”




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5 responses to “What will your order be madam?

  1. Caroline Hanson-Lowe

    Hi Turi

    That’s the name of my youngest daughter!! She gets v upset that we shorten Biba, the dog’s name, to Beebs as Phoebe is also known as Pheebs. Am so pleased your blog is back up and running. I missed hearing all about Saffie and was quite worried that you had disappeared for good so was v relieved to hear all is well. Pheebs looks gorgeous, but as the owner of a brown and white cockapoo, I would say that! Biba is now 15 months old and her only vice is chasing my cat Marzipan (oh and rolling in fox poo which she did today resulting in a punishing 20 minute shampoo session!). I can’t imagine life without her!

    Caro x

    • Hi Caro!

      Lovely to hear from you :-). I can’t believe our girls are 15 months already. It seems like yesterday that Biba and Saffi met and were the smallest at the meet in Bushy Park!

      Yes, I did disappear for a while… life took over. But I am back for good now :-).

      Cuddles to Biba!

      Turi x

  2. Sophie

    LOVE her name 🙂 Brilliant

    Sophie x

  3. Sue Dallimore

    Hi I have really enjoyed your blog – I too am on the mission of finding a loveable cockapoo and a suitable breeder. We live in the south and I’m just waiting to hear from Tiddybrook Cockapoos in Devon as to whether we can come and visit them – can you give me the details of the breeder in Kent you liked and also the one in Shropshire your parents have just bought from please? I must admit it is all a bit of a minefield! I i am also considering sproodles? – I know that I would like a girl from working spaniel lines ! Any advice would be greatly appreciated :-). Sue

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