Phoebe joins Saffi & Kim at daycare

My parents have decided it would be good for Phoebe to go to daycare every once in a while – she meets lots of dogs, gets to spend the day in the fields with her ‘big sister’ and my parents get a break.

Phoebe stayed with us last night so that Kim could pick the two of them up at the same time. Although I see Phoebe regularly it is the first time I’ve had first early morning cuddles with her and oh! She is adorable – a grunty, snuffly, licky, wiggly, waggy hot water bottle. Yes, she can stay again!

After cuddles and breakfast the girls went back into their crates and Marcus and I left for work. Saffi is accustomed to this and seems to know when I say, ‘Kim’s coming’ that she isn’t being deserted. Marcus and I had to close our ears to Phoebe’s howls as we closed the front door.

Kim has sent me a few pictures of their day together and they’re obviously loving the sunshine. I like to think Saffi is looking out for Phoebe… I’m sure Kim will report back later!

Phoebe: Wait for meeeeeeeeeeee!

They called me ‘Phoebe’ for a reason – look at me go!

Saffi: Just smile Phoebs & then she’ll leave us alone to play again


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