Professional Photos

Hi all!

Another long gap in my posting… what an inefficient blogger I am…!

I will post properly with news very soon but in the meantime I had to share some professional photos of the three of us.


Barnes Common


The bridge connecting Barnes Common to Putney Embankment




‘Catching’ stones


Sharing body warmth


‘Why are we stopping?’!!!


Ma famille x

Our photographer, Benny, was fantastic and really got the best out of Saffi.

We’re delighted to have casual photos doing what we love most – they’ll be forever cherished.

Turi x

Benny’s web site:



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9 responses to “Professional Photos

  1. Sue

    Lovely shots of the family Turi x

  2. Love these photos! Very personal and great photography.

  3. I LOVE these photos! So beautiful and you all look so happy

  4. Nina

    Hi Turi, I was delighted to read your blog as I have never had a dog or been a dog person but have recently seen a few cockapoos out and about and fallen in love with them! And now want one and have spent a ridiculous amount of time online and been very confused on what type to get. So thanks for filtering out some important info and I too have decided to get an F1 from working background and not show. I would have one asap but I have a 6 year and a 2 1/2 year old and am worried that the toddler maybe too young to have a dog and should I wait until he is a bit older. What are your views on this? Is Saffy very lively, are they easy to train? Want one very much but just thinking should I wait to make my life a bit more easier? Did they require a lot of grooming? I work from home so am always here to walk etc. Thanks for your help – Nina (who can’t understand why I have gone Cockapoo crazy!)

  5. Tracy phagura

    Hi turi,I stumbled across your blog while doing my own research on cockatoos,since we lost our loved lab in dec the house is too quite!!we decided on a cockapoo but on researching could not understand difference in price different breeders are asking,(£300-£1,300)ion your experience is it better to go for higher priced(better bred) ?? I am so confused.
    Thanks tracy

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