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The Cockapoo Games 2014

This August my Mum, Dad, Marcus and I attended the Cockapoo Games, organised by the Cockapoo Club of Great Britain, in Ancaster, Lincolnshire: 

To meet some of the people I’ve ‘known’ via Cockapoo forums for the last three years was just lovely. And there were a brilliant range of events such as Agility, Fly Ball, Best Trick and our personal favourite, Fastest Recall. Our favourite because Saffi won first prize (with the help of some bacon…!) 

People travelled from all over the country and we were amazed to learn that at one point, there were a whopping 229 Cockapoos at the event compared to last year’s 122. I wonder just how many there will be in 2015…!10405644_10154577390335195_3458310294227609390_n

Saffi picks up her rosette 


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Saffi the Furmaid

On 8th November 2013, Saffi stole the show at our wedding as ‘Furmaid’.

She did a brilliant job, wooing all our guests and causing lots of laughter in the Church as she whimpered through our vows!

Our official wedding pictures have just ‘landed’, so please enjoy. I am sure you will agree that Saffi is the most beautiful Furmaid…


Pre-Wedding champers & waggy tails


‘You can stay if you’re good’


Careful of the dress Saf!


“Photo? I’m more interested in the squirrels’


“Oh, ok. I’ll pose & look cute but be quick”


“What’s down here…?”


“Whimpering during the vows? Me?!”


As captured by our brilliant photographer Benny

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Abfabcockapoo in numbers…

Happy New Year everyone! The clever statistics people at have prepared an annual report for Abfabcockapoo – I thought I would share the results…

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. Abfabcockapoo was viewed about 28,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 10 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

And, I must not fail to mention, our darling Saffi was two yesterday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAFFI!


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Professional Photos

Hi all!

Another long gap in my posting… what an inefficient blogger I am…!

I will post properly with news very soon but in the meantime I had to share some professional photos of the three of us.


Barnes Common


The bridge connecting Barnes Common to Putney Embankment




‘Catching’ stones


Sharing body warmth


‘Why are we stopping?’!!!


Ma famille x

Our photographer, Benny, was fantastic and really got the best out of Saffi.

We’re delighted to have casual photos doing what we love most – they’ll be forever cherished.

Turi x

Benny’s web site:


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Summer Walks

Does anyone else just LOVE walking their dog in Summer? Don’t get me wrong, I love walking Saffi and Phoebe at any time of year but I find it so special watching them do bunny jumps through the long grass, launch themselves into the Thames, climb every tree seaching for squirrels until they gets a bit hot and try to get as low to the ground as possible to cool down.

It’s exhausting just watching them…

Saffi & Phoebs

Reservoir ‘Poos


Phoebe post swim


Phoebe has turned the most beautiful copper colour in the sun


“Hot isn’t it?”


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A Search for Cavapoo Littermates

Hi all,

A lovely lady recently got in touch with me – her beautiful Cavapoo/Cavoodle (King Charles Cavalier x Toy Poodle) Ellie passed away after a host of health issues and she is trying to get in touch with the owners of Ellie’s litter mates. A bit more information…

Ellie was born 22 April 2007 to Flicka, a ruby King Charles Cavalier and Toby, an apricot Toy Poodle to a breeder in Gravesend in Kent.

In 2011 (aged 4) Ellie was diagnosed with Syringomyelia. In 2012 Ellie was diagnosed with Coronoid Process Disease. In 2013 Ellie was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. On 22 May 2013 Ellie sadly passed away aged just 6. Her owner is heartbroken.

This breeder claims to be a hobby breeder but there are many reports online that she actually has 16 dogs and an average of three litters for sale at any given time. People who have purchased her dogs have reported health problems including, though not limited, to Hip Dysplasia, Keratoconjunctivtis Sicca, Syringomyelia, Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis, Luxating Patellas, Osteo Arthritis, Coronoid process disease, Thyroid Cancer.

For legal reasons I cannot refer to the breeder by name but if any of my followers / reader would like to speak to Ellie’s owner regarding their own experiences please feel free to get in touch. She knows that two of Ellie’s littermates went to live in the Devon area.

Thank you for reading,

Turi x

RIP Ellie


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Phoebe joins Saffi & Kim at daycare

My parents have decided it would be good for Phoebe to go to daycare every once in a while – she meets lots of dogs, gets to spend the day in the fields with her ‘big sister’ and my parents get a break.

Phoebe stayed with us last night so that Kim could pick the two of them up at the same time. Although I see Phoebe regularly it is the first time I’ve had first early morning cuddles with her and oh! She is adorable – a grunty, snuffly, licky, wiggly, waggy hot water bottle. Yes, she can stay again!

After cuddles and breakfast the girls went back into their crates and Marcus and I left for work. Saffi is accustomed to this and seems to know when I say, ‘Kim’s coming’ that she isn’t being deserted. Marcus and I had to close our ears to Phoebe’s howls as we closed the front door.

Kim has sent me a few pictures of their day together and they’re obviously loving the sunshine. I like to think Saffi is looking out for Phoebe… I’m sure Kim will report back later!

Phoebe: Wait for meeeeeeeeeeee!

They called me ‘Phoebe’ for a reason – look at me go!

Saffi: Just smile Phoebs & then she’ll leave us alone to play again

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I am delighted & really rather honoured to say that I have been invited to join the Cockapoo Club of Great Britain (CCGB) Committee as an Officer.

The CCGB was initiated just 18 months ago and can now boast a fully functioning members’ club; an information packed website; a chat forum; regular newsletters; a breeder approval scheme; a registration database producing lineage papers; a rescue, rehoming and respite section; a network of meets, walks and glamping trips nationwide and of course the Cockapoo Games annual event.

Membership numbers of the CCGB now exceed 3300 members with a whopping growth of 300 members a month!

One word: chuffed.


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The Spencer’s Arms over a year later…

We took Saffi for a drink, I mean walk, and stopped off at our favourite Putney pub, The Spencers Arms. Always incredibly well-catered for dogs we took Saffi there in her first week with us. Key socialisation, of course!

I thought you might enjoy photos taken in the exact same spot over a year down the line…


The Spencers Arms 2


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What will your order be madam?

The puppy has been named – she is called Phoebe, Pheebs to her friends, because she runs like the ‘Friends’ character!

We have fallen in love with her feisty & boisterous nature and she has become a real ‘Partner-in-Crime’ for my Dad. In fact he sent me a picture this morning during his daily Starbucks run…


“If I look cute maybe he’ll give me some – I have got him wrapped around my little paw after all”



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