Our Year-Long Cockapoo Search

In February 2011 my partner Marcus and I decided we wanted to get a dog. I started researching dog breeds and an obsession was born! Temperament and the right ‘fit’ was top priority in our search and I filled out countless online ‘dog breed quizzes’ in the quest for our perfect canine companion. Our full criteria for a dog was:

  • an affectionate and loyal character;
  • a fun and goofy appeal;
  • intelligent and biddable in nature—as novice dog owners we wanted ours to be easily trained;
  • as healthy a breed as possible;
  • low-shedding coat—close family members suffer from asthma;
  • small to medium in size;
  • good with cats—we have three;
  • and good with children (we don’t have any… yet…).

By March I was convinced we should get a Finnish Lapphund or ‘Lappie’—a relatively ‘new’ breed to the UK.  The UK Lappie community is small and intimate and everyone I spoke to was incredibly helpful, however, when I discovered from a thankfully honest breeder that Finnish Lapphunds shed their entire coat twice yearly I knew that due to the aforementioned asthma sufferers that a Lappie wasn’t for us.

By April my search had let me to Poodle cross-breeds—Cockapoos, Cavapoos, Labradoodles and many more. People’s testimonials of their intelligence and loving nature appealed as well as their typically low-shedding coat.

I realised that if we were serious about getting a dog we’d first need to be sure we’d be able to provide it with a good home.  As Marcus and I work full-time I started researching reputable but affordable London doggie day-care centres.  I also tried to find a well-regarded local puppy class. I used Google to find out just how dog-friendly London is and found out that dogs can travel on the bus, train and tube. I investigated the costs that would be involved with a dog—food, vet bills, day-care, equipment, toys and so forth. We recognised that the highest expense would be doggie day-care and at that point my mother, Irene, agreed to look after the dog two days a week.

In May, as Marcus and I were driving through Putney, I saw a lady walking what I suspected was a Cockapoo and demanded Marcus stop the car. I accosted this poor woman and she confirmed that yes indeed, her beautiful puppy Bodie was a Cockapoo. I was taken with just how engaging and attentive he was and I started to make contact with commercial Cockapoo breeders across the country. I soon found out that there were three main types of Cockapoo:

  • English Cocker Spaniel from show lines x Miniature Poodle;
  • English Cocker Spaniel from working lines x Miniature Poodle;
  • American Cocker Spaniel x Miniature Poodle.

English Cocker Spaniel from show lines

English Cocker Spaniel from working lines

American Cocker Spaniel

Then I discovered that all three Cocker Spaniels can be bred with a Toy Poodle for smaller offspring. And then I found out that a Cockapoo can be bred back to a Poodle for a curlier coat. Now I was well and truly confused but it did explain why, when I Googled images of Cockapoos, the results were so different.

In June my family nick-named me ‘Dogzilla’… They’d found out I’d joined a forum called I Love My Cockapoo (ILMC).  I warn you, ILMC is highly addictive!  The people are lovely, the advice and support is second-to-none. And the photos…!!! Needless to say I soon found that I was spending a lot of time on there feeling able to go on (and on) about my search without worrying that people would think I was obsessed as everyone else was in the same boat. It was liberating despite my family’s teasing!

In July I started making contact with the Cockapoo breeders listed on Breeders Online website and after embarrassingly calling the same breeder twice I input all the breeders into a spread sheet so that I could record the conversations I’d had, the type of Cocker Spaniels & Poodles the breeders used and the health tests they conducted on their breeding stock. Some people say that the more research you do the more bewildering the search becomes and they weren’t wrong! I must have made over 60 phone calls. I can’t regret the intense research I conducted, however because it shaped what I learned I wanted from a breeder and that was someone who:

  • conducts the relevant health tests—PRA-testing their Poodle sire as a bare minimum;
  • keeps their adult dogs inside;
  • only uses breeding stock with good temperaments;
  • whelps the puppies inside so that each puppy is well-socialised;
  • we’d be able to speak to post puppy purchase for support if needed;
  • preferably didn’t live at the other end of the UK!

In August we visited a hobby Cockapoo breeder in Kent. Our visit took place on a really warm day and although the puppies were sleepy we absolutely adored them.  As we had just had our offer on our first house accepted we decided that we would like to get our new family addition around February/March 2012 giving us enough time to get settled in our new place. We found out that the Kent hobby breeder wasn’t likely to have another litter ready until June 2012 and so unfortunately we had to rule them out.

An F1 Cockapoo puppy (English Cocker Spaniel from working lines x Miniature Poodle) bred by the Kent hobby breeder 

After many recommendations on the forum I bought Gwen Bailey’s The Perfect Puppy and devoured it in a night—in my opinion The Perfect Puppy is the complete puppy book. In reading it I wondered if many aspects of puppy ownership would test my personality; for example, Gwen states that you shouldn’t go to a puppy when it whines and cries in its crate.  Had I not read the book my gut reaction would have been to speak to it in soothing tones and release it from the crate!

In September I made contact with a few more commercial breeders—still finding out more about the different ‘types’ of Cockapoo along the way—to find out about more about their breeding plans for the following few months. I’m sure friends and family thought I was bonkers enquiring so early but from my time on the forum I knew that well-raised Cockapoo puppies with all the relevant health tests ‘fly off the shelves’ so to speak.

We attended a Cockapoo meet organised through the ILMC forum—we were warmly welcomed despite the fact we were the only people there without a dog. It gave us the opportunity to meet all three Cockapoo types and we thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Marcus at the St. Albans Cockapoo Meet with Obi, an F1 American Cocker Spaniel x Miniature Poodle

We also visited a larger Cockapoo breeder and as per our visit the previous month we thought the puppies and the adults were beautifully natured and beautiful looking dogs. Unfortunately their puppies are in such high demand that we would have had to have waited until Summer 2012 and so we decided, even though we’d made the long journey there and back, that we would continue our search for the ideal breeder.

As I learnt more about puppy ownership I realised that although we intended to take time off when our puppy eventually came home, that there would be a 2-3 week window between the puppy’s 1st and 2nd vaccinations where it wouldn’t be able to go on the ground or come into contact with unknown dogs—doggy daycare would be out of the question. I recruited my mum’s sister Ruth to join in on our puppy adventure and she happily accepted. She agreed to come and stay with us when the puppy first comes home and help my mum out—she has years of experience with dogs and I knew I wouldn’t trust anyone else in the same way with our new puppy.

In October a conversation with a friend threw a shadow of doubt on our decision to get a Cockapoo—they said that they were wired, hyper and high maintenance. We widened our search to Cavapoos (King Charles Cavaliers x Miniature Poodle). Desperate not to make the wrong decision and get a dog we couldn’t accommodate we decided to go for a Cavapoo instead of a Cockapoo. Cavaliers suffer from many genetic ailments and disorders but we eventually found a breeder who did the many health tests necessary for this cross-breed. Oh, and we moved into our new place!

In November in between the curtain hanging and painting my Mum and I went to the Discover Dogs show in Earls Court, London. I was very naughty and started buying things that people had suggested on the forum—Kongs, Vetbedding, Stag bars and so forth. Yes, that’s right, I was making purchases for a dog I didn’t yet own… and I wondered why I’d been nick-named Dogzilla! There were over 200 dog breeds at Discover Dogs and I’d suggest it to anyone looking to find out more about the right dog breed for them. I was so surprised to discover (haha, excuse the pun!) that I preferred what I’d call DOG dogs to little dogs. I loved their presence, their personalities, their confidence… the way they looked. We met some Cavaliers and although they were sweet they didn’t have the spring and the excitement I knew we wanted from a dog. We met a couple whose English Cocker Spaniel (from working lines) was taking part in an agility competition. She was sweet, energetic, charismatic and highly trainable.

When we got home I wrote a difficult email to the Cavapoo breeder in Devon letting her know that we didn’t think that a Cavapoo was right for us.

We decided once and for all to go for a Cockapoo from English working lines. We had read that working Cockers have traditionally been bred for temperament, intelligence, trainability and health whereas a show-line Cocker Spaniel has traditionally been bred to fit a standard sometimes regardless of the above factors. While some may consider the working Cocker more ‘wired’ and energetic than a show-type Cocker we had loved the working-type Cockers we’d met.

In December we made contact with a breeder who was going to be due puppies from her black and white Cocker Chloe and one of her Miniature Poodles Archie in January. The breeder told us they both had lovely temperaments and that Archie had been PRA-tested clear, had good hip scores and that Chloe had also been eye tested. We were content with this level of health testing and asked to go on the waiting list. Eeeeeek!

Chloe, Saffi’s Mummy          Archie, Saffi’s Daddy

From the information I’d gleaned online and from Gwen Bailey’s book I realised that consistency was going to be central to a successful training/puppy raising program and with so many people involved that was going to be tricky. So I put the basics commands I thought would be easily remembered across the family into an Excel Spreadsheet and shared with my Cockapoo friends on ILMC who responded really well only to suggest later down the line that I call my Cockapoo Excel…! If of interest, these sheets can be found on the resources page.

Acknowledging the importance of socialising your dog well with other dog  I created an event on the ILMC forum for a Cockapoo meet on 25th March 2012. I have been teased relentlessly about the extreme nature of my forward planning but at the point of ‘going to press’ over 28 owners and their 32 Cockapoos have expressed an interest in attending!

On January 1st 2012 our puppy was born!!! Chloe gave birth to a small litter of four—two girls one pale boy and one black boy.  The breeder told us we’d be able to choose either of the girls who were both apricot—Marcus got one of his wishes as least!

I badgered the breeder weekly for images of the puppies and equally nagged Marcus about choosing a name.  We’d both been so convinced we’d get a male puppy we hadn’t considered a female name.  Our post on Facebook asking for ideas generated more than 40 suggestions.  Eventually our ‘short-list’ was actually a long-list containing unusual names like Roo to the more commonplace like Polly. Long-list in place we decided to wait until we met her before making the final decision.

We went away for a week and I read Ian Dunbar’s Before You Get Your Puppy and After Getting Your Puppy.  One word—intense!  I wouldn’t recommend as a first read though I suppose it does thoroughly cover the importance of house training.

In February we went to choose our puppy! A year since our dog-search had commenced and I couldn’t quite believe it was really happening. At five weeks both of the little girls were beautiful but one in particular—funnily enough not the one we’d both preferred from the pictures the breeder had sent us—just wouldn’t leave us alone. We received licks, snuffles and kisses and she had the fastest wagging tail I have ever seen;  it was a surprisingly emotional experience. ‘They’ were right when they said that your puppy chooses you and I was delighted that Marcus and I both wanted the same puppy. We signed the paperwork, paid our deposit and after months of waiting got back in the car in the knowledge that we had a further three weeks to wait until we could take our puppy home!

Saffi chooses us

February is passing as a blur.  I have called every vet in our area to find one that stocked the same vaccine as the breeder’s, read another puppy book (Puppy Parenting by Scott Millar—good for basics and covers first aid too), nagged Marcus to read at least one puppy book!, bought yet more last minute bits and bobs, confirmed the puppy’s place at puppy school and day care, got the house ready and generally panicked!!! Oh and we finally decided on the name Saffi – I wanted Saffron, Marcus thought it was pretentious. Saffi was a compromise. What we weren’t prepared for were the sheer number of people who responded to the name choice with,

‘Oh, it’s Absolutely Fabulous’…!



79 responses to “Our Year-Long Cockapoo Search

  1. Shantah McGregor

    Loved reading about yr journey to get Saffi .I live in Melbourne Australia and I was thinking of getting a cocker spaniel but after reading how u chose Saffi I’m thinking about getting a cockapoo too. I hope I am able to find as good a breeder as u did.I hope it is all going really well with Saffi she looks adorable
    regards Shantah

    • Hi Shantah!

      Thank you for your comment.

      I’m so pleased to hear you enjoyed my blog. Do let me know how you get on with your search! They’re worth all the hard work in the end, I promise!

      Turi x

  2. Lorraine

    Your story has so many similarities to my own! I think I too may be dogzilla as just yesterday I screeched to a halt in my car to ask some people if their dog was a cockapoo! Now I am also looking at the cavapoo as we had really wanted a smaller dog. Round and round I go!
    I was going to know up a spread sheet as I think I am emailing the same people on breeders online! Now I am just going to use yours!
    Many thanks for putting this on at least I know I am not going mad!
    Sadly no closer to getting our dog, but one day…

    • Hi Lorraine,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I hope you manage to find a breeder soon. The only Cavapoo breeder we found that did all the relevant health testing was Poundlane http://www.cavalierpoos.com/index.html. Jane is absolutely lovely and I’m sure she will be able to answer any of your queries.

      Best of luck – let me know how you get on. The wait and research is worth it, I promise!

      Turi x

  3. SB

    Could you possibly post the names of the breeders you visited and liked? We too have been searching for a cockapoo pup from a from and reputable breeder, so far with no luck. Love your blog!

  4. Cath

    Brilliant and very funny blog. I too researched for 9 months before we too decided on a Cockapoo – working cocker and toy poodle cross. He’s now 4 months old and, i suspect, from the Kent breeder you mentioned. My husband laughed at my obsessive researching but I stopped short of the spreadsheets! They are brilliant dogs so worth every minute of the time spent in making the choice.

    • Hi Cath,

      Thank you for getting in touch.

      I think I know the breeder you’re talking about – was it Doodlepets? We didn’t go for them as we wanted a slightly larger Cockapoo. As it turns out Saffi is smaller than some Toy crosses – that’s the thing about cross-breeds. You never know how they’ll turn out. And in fact it works out quite well – she’s nice and pickupable 🙂

      How are you finding puppy ownership?

      Turi x

  5. Louise

    Loved your blog… I’m also on the verge of becoming a dogzilla. I’m pretty sure I’m going for a cockapoo. I just love them. I’m looking at doodlepets but haven’t visited them yet, how did you find them? Thanks. Lou x

    • Hi Louise 🙂

      Delighted to hear you’re enjoying the blog!

      I was in touch with Doodlepets – as far as I’m aware they use a Toy rather than a Miniature Poodle so you might expect their pups to be a bit smaller. That said Saffi’s Dad was a Miniature Poodle and she’s tiny so there are no hard and fast rules.

      Let me know how you get on and if you need any help wih your search!

      Turi x

      • Louise

        Thanks for coming back to me. Ive been in touch with them and I was told when I asked about health checks that they don’t check the hips as cocker spaniels and toy poodles don’t have issues with hips, although I’m sure I’ve read that hips are one of the checks a lot of breeders do. I would have thought with the amount they are charging that would do everything…
        It’s a mine field!
        Lou x

      • Hi again Lou,

        Ideally breeders check the hips of both the Cocker and the Poodle. This webpage might help: http://www.cockapooclubgb.co.uk/health-testing.html.

        I know what you mean… it is a mine field…. hence why our search was so long!

        Turi x

  6. Caroline

    Hiya, have just stumbled upon your blog whilst having my nightly cockapoo fix. You could be me! I discovered the breed by accosting a complete stranger in a farm shop and now am obsessed, i have even joined the cockapoo club of great britain, and dont have a dog (yet). I spend all of my spare time researching the breed and looking for a reputable breeder. I thought I was a bit of a saddo, but now I feel quite normal after reading your journey!!

    Many thanks.

    Caroline x

    • Hi Caroline,

      Thank you for your comment . You sound like a girl after my own heart! I’d joined Cockapoo forums over six months before we actually got Saffi home and I clocked up over 1000 posts… bonkers I know but I hope that makes you feel better!

      Have you joined Cockapoo Chat, the CCGB’s forum?

      Also, where are you based? If you’re really interested in getting a Cockapoo of your own then I’d recommend going to a Cockapoo meet!

      Keep in touch regarding your Cockapoo search!

      Turi x

  7. Tricia

    Love your story. You sound just like me. I have my name on Anne’s waiting list and we are expecting a puppy in three weeks, to take home in January. I’m so excited! Do you have photos of Saffi?


    • Hi Tricia,

      Sorry for the delay. Life has taken over recently!

      How exciting for you – Anne produces the lovelist puppies! Do you know who the parents are?

      If you look on the photos page or scroll down the home page there are hundreds of pictures of Saffi. I know I am biased but she really is a beautiful dog!

      Good luck and let me know how you get on 🙂

      Turi x

  8. JennyG

    How’s it been for you with you both working.

  9. Debbie

    So good to know It’s not just me! Haha . We will be picking up our little poo 1st Dec , all I can say is ” lucky our breeder is some miles away” as I know I would looking for an excuse to check on her every day ! Going to get her bed and bowels this week to leave out for our labrodore to get used to seeing! Well that’s my excuse anyway, I just want to look at them , 😉

  10. Tricia

    Hi there talk about life taking over! Since my post we have rehomed an 8 month old Coxkapoo. He was originally bred from another breeder whose list I was on. We’ve had Benson now for three days and I absolutely adore him!

    Will enjoy looking through your photos!

    Tricia x

    • Hi again Tricia,

      A Cockapoo needing rehoming is hard to come by – Benson is very lucky to have found a new home :-).

      Delighted to hear it is going so well. I defy anyone not to smile and laugh around a Cockapoo!

      Enjoy him and keep in touch.

      Turi x

  11. Tricia

    Thank you Turi. I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have found him! What is the name of the Cockapoo page on Facebook? I’d like to join it if possible.

    Tricia x

  12. Laura

    Loved reading your year long journey – we to have started ours and are also undecided between a cockapoo (toy) and a cavapoo. Not sure on the temperament of a more lively cockerpoo. Is the cavapoo smaller? Then a friend of mine has a cavashon!! – too much choice. But today we all fell inlove with a friends dog who visited for the day a beautiful little caramel coloured cockapoo Kiki! If anyone can recommend top quality breaders especially for the toy poodle crossed with an English working cocker that is so far our preference.

  13. Caroline

    Hi Turi,
    You mentioned seeing a breeder in kent, it wasnt Herne Bay by any chance. Am looking at a breeder there who sounds fab. Wondered if was same one!


  14. Grace Flower

    Hi Turi,
    Love your blog! We have had our cockapoo ‘Winnie’ for a week now and we love her to bits. However, I am finding the night time crying really hard to cope with – everyone i have asked and all my research says to leave the puppy at night and she will soon settle down – did you do this? We have her in a crate and she hates it so much in there as she just wants to be with us all the time! She is such a loving and affectionate puppy but i just don’t know how to teach her its ok to be on her own sometimes. Any tips?!

    Grace x

    • Hi Grace,

      Thank you for your message and apologies for the delay.

      Winnie – I LOVE that name. Winne the Cockapoo… 🙂

      How is it going now? I know most puppies cry when they are first crated… the secret is to not give in. I know it is difficult. If Winnie is still distressed please don’t hesitate to get back in touch for more advise.

      Turi x

  15. Hi Turi

    Happy Christmas! I just wanted to say, I love your blog. It’s a fantastic source of information, and highly entertaining too! We are due to pick up our pup Scooby from Anne on Saturday and I can’t wait! I have also started a blog as I hope Scooby will be able to provide autism assistance to my son Josh. I thought it might be interesting to share our story, and give a slightly different perspective on life with a Cockapoo! Anyway, hope you and Saffi are doing well. Take Care. Katie x

    • Hi Katie,

      Thank you for your comment and apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

      Scooby – what a cute name!!! How are things coming along, especially between Josh and Scooby? It is not the first time I have heard of a Cockapoo being used as an assistance dog. They are really so clever.

      Hope to hear from you soon,

      Turi x

  16. Vanessa

    Hello. Just wanted to say thanks for your story … Having followed a very similar path as yours in searching for the right puppy from the right breeder we too arrived at Anne at Broadreach. Yesterday we collected Bruno (mum, Ellie and dad Archie) and we are completely smitten by him. He is great , has settled easily and I can recommend Anne to anyone looking for a well bread, well socialised puppy from a helpful, professional, lovely breeder.

  17. Justine

    Hi, I love your blog and the clip of saffi choosing you guys !!! In looking for a cockapoo breeder and I live in Kent.
    Would you mind passing on their details please?
    Thank you so much

    • Hi Justine,

      My apologies for the delay – are you still looking for a Cockapoo? If you google ‘Anne Broadreach Dogs’ you will find her site and her contact details. Let me know how you get on!

      Turi x

  18. Alexandra

    I have really enjoyed your website and made sure it was a cockapoo we wanted. Did gone down the cavalier spaniel route as well and was very unsure re the health issues.
    After much searching and no luck I was looking at your website again and saw Anne’s details in Cambridge. Have contacted her so fingers crossed we are successful when go to have a look.

    • Hi Alex,

      Delighted to hear that my blog was helpful. Was Anne able to help with your Cockapoo search? Her puppies really are delish!

      Turi x

      • Alexandra

        Yes, we did and it all happened in the space of a week !!!!

        OMG think I went into shock as from one Sunday no puppy to next Sunday pick up puppy !! Anne was amazing and the puppes were gorgeous. We were so lucky as Anne had flu over Christmas and was abit behind re the puppies. I could not believe our luck as was expecting to wait at least a year due to not many puppies being available. I said I has got her details from you and she remembered yourself and Saffi, also that a few people had come to her via your webpage. Our Nutmeg is so sweet and loving. She is such a good dog and we couldn’t be happier with her.

      • Hi Alexandra,

        I LOVE the name Nutmeg. That was on our shortlist!

        I’m delighted to hear you’re enjoying her… having a dog is life changing.

        Keep in touch with any news.

        Turi x

  19. Jason

    Omg I’ve done everything you have done apart from spreadsheet I’ve become obsessed bought toys , food bowls a lead and the lady not breeding her dog till may so will be September time b4 I get my cockapoo
    I want one now lol

    • Hi Jason,

      I remember that impatience only too well! The time will pass, don’t worry!

      Do you know where you are getting your Cockapoo from? What type/colour/sex are you after?

      Turi x

  20. Laura

    We have a cavapoo 15 weeks – Freddy anyone know how to solve the pee accidents which generally happen in the evening. Still waiting for our puppy to tell us he needs to go rather than relying on our vigilance and taking him outside every hour!

    • Hi Laura,

      Marcus and I investigated getting a Cavapoo – they are really very sweet.

      Saffi wasn’t reliably toilet trained until she was six months Freddy is doing well not to have accidents during the day at 15 weeks. He’s probably tired by the evening so more inclined to slip up even though he knows the rules.

      We used to take Saffi out after a bone, after eating, after a drink, when she waited by the back door, after a nap, after some excitment… basically every half an hour.

      They get there eventually, I promise!

      Turi x

  21. Laura

    Thanks for advice, will let you know how it goes but clearly need to be a bit more patient.
    Laura and Freddy x

  22. Hi Turi
    I’m currently looking for a breeder of a cockapoo myself after sadly losing my Cavoodle. Does the lady who you got Saffi from have any litters planned or do you know of any other reputable breeders?
    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog both entertaining and valuable information

    Sue x

    • Dear Sue,

      I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your fur baby, you must be heartbroken.

      I have sent you an email & really hope I can help with your search.

      Turi x

  23. Dominique Ferrucci

    Hi Turi
    I too am scouring the net as we really want to get a cockapoo . Loved all your tips would be very interested in the details of your breeder. Very impressed with how much background work you did , wow puts mine to shame and I thought I was being thorough !
    Dominique x

    • Hi Dominique,

      Apologies for the delay – and thank you for your comment.

      Have you found a Cockapo yet?

      Turi x

      • Dominique Ferrucci

        Hi Turi
        Just to let you know we pick up our cockapoo puppy on dec 23 rd , the children know nothing about it , so a very exciting Christmas for them . The puppy will be 8 weeks any tips for the fist few days will be appreciated !! Very excited and nervous at the same time !
        Dominique x

  24. Susie

    Wow Turi what a lovely story and I think Saffi is so lucky and clever to have chosen you! I am researching the various breeds at the moment and am finding it very hard. We thought a poodle ticked all the boxes for us but yesterday we met a lady with a 6 month old cockerpoo. My friend who has a Cavalier King Charles thinks her breed are the best but suggested also a Cavapoo. So that’s where we are at right now. Everyone has different opinions which makes it even harder. Found your info really helpful so thank you for sharing that. Expect we have a little way to go before we find our puppy.
    Thanks again I enjoyed reading your story
    Susie x

    • Hi Susie,

      Thank you for your comment :-).

      Have you made a decision regarding whether to go for a Cockapoo or a Cavapoo? They are both equally adorable – I would say, from what I have read, Cockapoos tend to be healthier. And there are more Cockapoo breeders who do all the necessary health testing as well.

      Let me know if you need any help!

      Turi x

  25. It’s great to see you have chosen a wonderful breed. I have two and also do a lot of Fundraising for Hearing Dogs for deaf people and we use a lot of these wonderful dogs because of there nature, ability to learn and for some applicants are not to big.

    I know you have been in touch and joined other clubs but I have just started up the British Cockapoo Society recently so doubt if you will of heard of us. We have a chat page on FB which you can access through the website above or twitter @BritishCockapoo
    But you will be made very welcome and we would love you to join any walks we hold
    Good luck with Saffi and hope you both meet some of our members soon Mary

    PS any owners or would be owners will be made very welcome find lots of information about cockapoo’s as will any breed of Hearing Dog

    • Hi Mary,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I must admit I have not (yet) met a PAT Cockapoo but knowing how intelligent they are it does not surprise me that that excel.

      I will take a look at your site soon – thank you for posting it here.

      Turi x

      • allnxe

        Hi all I’ve enjoyed reading this blog very much and find the convoy so interesting. I had to comment to tell u about my PAT cockapoo called Charlie Bear. We visit 3 dementia + brain in jury patients at our local hospital twice a week with him. He even has his own NHS badge il try and upload a photo for you
        Best regards, nxe

  26. Candace

    Hi thanks so much for your detailed cockapoo ownership journey ! We have been looking for a while, but not sure of best place to go to find pups. Any advise would be amazing

    • Hi Candace,

      Thank you for your comment :-).

      Have you tried the one of the approved breeders of the Cockapoo Club of Great Britain? http://www.cockapooclubgb.co.uk/ccgb-approved-breeders.html

      Turi x

      • Candace

        Hi on your advise we went to see Anne at Broadreachdogs yesterday as she had 2 pups left (from diff litters) they were both adorable but because we have a daughter with asthma felt we should hold out for the curlier hair variety, which Anne said would be f1b s. Anne couldn’t have been nicer, but we are still confused as to which cockerpoo mix to go with! I think the f1b means its cockerpoo and poodle. Do you happen to know anything about this? Thanks so much for replying quickly btw. We just want to be sure to get the right dog, as it wouldn’t be fair to anyone ( or any doggy!) if we had a prob with allergy. X

  27. Dominique

    Noooooooo we still haven’t got one ! we are now dithering as we arte due to start building work early next year and am now thinking maybe we should wait until finished and house calm once more ?
    Dominique x

    • Ah, tricky!

      Personally I would wait until after the building work. Saffi wasn’t reliably house trained until about six months and when they’re little they want to get into EVERYTHING!

      Turi x

  28. Could you please let us know the Kent breeder. We live in Kent and are looking for a cockatoo.

  29. Heather

    Thanks so much for your blog- we are looking at getting a cockapoo – it will be our first puppy too and it’s a nightmare looking through.

    Would you be able to send details of the breeder you got saffi from?

  30. A Broadrwach Dog Expert


    I do love the story or the journey and researching you did to get Saffi, but I am concerned that yu are still giving broadreach dogs a good review, although when you go Saffi I didnt know anything about Broadreach Dogs I have worked there. And alot of the things you have stated are wrong; majority of the dogs live outside in stables converted into kennels. Lots of the dogs are health teated excluding the male dogs. The breeder bred mainy of the dogs every six month although she did she was stopping take this year! And she has lot more dogs than most people are aware, when i worked there she going on 40 dogs with more being added. Lots of the dogs are stressed as the dont get trained or mentally sitimulated. The dogs dont recieve the attention that is required. When I worked there we had to shave all the hair off of some of the dogs in our own time as there were completely matted and it had been left for so long because there was no time to do it. I hope that since I left that she has improved on way the dogs are looked after.But if anyone is planning to get a puppy from Broadreach Dogs please ask to see where the mum’s live when they arent at the end of there pregnancy and if you see the mums in the kitchen with there puppies, that isnt where the actually spend there time. Did you know the number of dogs she had? Did you know here website isnt up to date, 5 dogs; both the female dogs are retired now. Although I believe when she started breeding she had a better set up know there are way too many dogs.

  31. Debbie

    Hi there , what a fabulous blog ! We would love a cockapoo, but we have a cat . How did Saffi and your cats get on ? But worried our cat would be v annoyed to share his home !

    • Hi Debbie!

      Thanks for your comment on my blog 🙂

      Saffi and the cats get on brilliantly. It took some preparation and consistency, however.

      Firstly, we ensured the cats were used to the dog ‘stuff’ well before Saffi’s arrival – her crate, the puppy gate, toys etc.

      Secondly, we bought Feliway diffusers and spray and used liberally on the days leading up to Saffi coming home and the days that followed.

      Thirdly, we set ground rules. Saffi was never allowed to chase or bark at the cats, the cats were always fed first (and still are and all pets were shut in the sitting room at night (albeit Saffi in her crate) so that that they were forced to become accustomed to each other.

      Elmo, one of the cats, now waits for us outside the front door when we come back from a walk to rub noses with Saffi!

      Hope this helps.

      Turi x

  32. I really admire your thoughness in searching checking not rushing and buying the first pup your saw. You were right in getting all the info you could on all types- yes cockapoo’s genetics can be confusing as you found out. I am so pleased you found your perfect forever furry friend
    Really enjoyed reading your blog

  33. Hello Turi
    I found your very interesting blog last evening and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your search for your perfect puppy, and all the research you did the breed before you made your final decision. Although I do not have a dog at the but when we decide to get another dog, a Cockapoo is what I would choose. I too have done some research into the breed and found there are many variances, however the colour has already been decided which is apricot (like Saffi) as I do like light coloured dogs.

    I am a volunteer for the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and have dogs come to stay for short periods of time when their full time socialiser is on holiday. They do use Cockapoos, but I have not had one come to stay with me yet, although I have met quite a few and they are delightful little dogs, with the added bonus of not shedding.

    I will keep checking for updates on Saffi’s progress, and when the time is right for us to get one, I might well contact you to pick up some more tips.

    Thank you for your lovely blog


    • Hi Karen

      Thank you for your lovely comment – much appreciated!

      I wish you all the luck in the world with your future puppy search. We have never looked back!

      Turi x

      P.S. Whilst the pale Cockapoos are stunning, you might reconsider when you see how dirty they get…! ; )

  34. Dottie

    Hi Turi

    We have been great fans of your blog. Hope you are well as you haven’t blogged for a while.

    We now have our own super gorgeous, can’t live without cockapoo called Coco.

    I wanted to ask your opinion about a health issue with Coco which I think might interest you. However, I don’t want it to be viewed publicly. Would you be happy with this and if so how can I do it?



  35. Aracely

    Hi Turi

    I am looking for a cockapoo and if you would be so kind to let me know the name of the breeder in Kent will be very much appreciate . Thanks very much


  36. Jo Organ

    Hi Turi
    I have been searching for a Cockapoo all Sumer as we lost our 17 year Mongrel in July and I love Cockapoo’s. I did go to South Wales to look at a Poochon last week (Bichon Frise with a poodle) but not entirely happy with set up.
    Any way by chance a friend has put us in touch with a local breeder who has one black Cockapoo left, wanted an Apricot really but don’t mind. So going to have a look tomorrow. I am so excited and can’t wait to get all the puppy bits and pieces- if it works out.

    Thank you so much for your blog which I stumbled across today it makes me realise iI am not mad being so obsessed!


  37. Tony

    Hi, I have just read your blog and a great journey. My family and I have been looking at getting a cockapoo early next year but I have been going through breeders and all very confusing!! I really love cockapoos but they really seem to variy a lot. What are best in your opinion f1 or f2 ? Also what should a good breeder be be charging? I have seem prices from £500 up to £1200, don’t want to sound like price is issue just want to see if it is a case of you get what you pay for or is it just breeders trying luck? Please can you advise anyway possible also on your breeder? Thanks Tony

  38. carole

    I am looking for a reliable cockapoo breeder in Kent. Would be very grateful for any help…

  39. Andrea

    Loved your blog…Peggy my cockapoo/cavachon mix arrived this week. She is a little minx …..my house is full of doggy kit …..I haven’t had a full nights sleep for a week….but am smitten already x

  40. Laura Hilliard

    We are desperately searching for a cockapoo! Feel like we are going round in circles though. I stop every owner walking their cockapoo if we we see one when out. Finding a breeder on recommendation would be great but it’s becoming very frustrating now and getting nowhere! Please help! Laura from Essex 🙂 really enjoyed your story. It is addictive!

  41. Michelle Bruce

    Hi I am looking for a Cockapoo or cavapoo would you let me know of some of the breeders you found as I have been looking but there does not seem to be many in Scotland.

    Kind Regards


  42. Raphaele

    Hi Turi,

    If you are not yet sick of being asked the name of the breeder in Kent, would you mind sending me the details? My husband and I are looking desperately for a cockapoo but are drawing a blank! Very sad….thanks very much.


  43. vicky dennis

    Hi I loved reading your story I am in the exact same position in the dog search I am torn between the cockerpoo and the cavapoo and I have looked at every website possible and still can’t decide lol. Anyway do you have any pictures of saffi now?

    Many thanks

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