Useful Links & Resources

Useful Links

Breeders Online

Paws & Claws Doggie Creche website

The Cockapoo Club of Great Britain website

Read of Mandy’s two Cockapoos on her blog

Read about Karen’s two Cockapoos here


The Perfect Puppy by Gwen Bailey – a thorough introduction for the novice dog owner. Clear and concise training techniques and a strong emphasis on illustrations.

Puppy Parenting by Scott Millar – Scott is a vet so covers First Aid, something I haven’t seen or read in any other puppy manual. I liked his down-to-earth tone and references to his own experiences with his puppy Betty.

Geeky Spreadsheets

I will add these when I work out how – please bear with me 🙂


17 responses to “Useful Links & Resources

  1. Penny Rowley

    Love,love ,love your site.
    I stumbled across you last night. We too have been planning to add a puppy since last December.Completley identify with your story :0). I decided months back that we were getting a mini schnauzer.Done the research etc. looked into breeders been bandying around names and so on. I am still not sure what made me do it (maybe i thought i was safe in the knowledge that i knew what i wanted?? lol) but yesterday i was looking at dog breeds for the trillionth time and i come acroos the cocapoo. I have seen them on the net but really did not pay much mind to them,but oh boy now i am smitten.They are adorable! . I am in the midst of working my way through your pages and finding them informative and funny,so thank you.
    Penny Rowley.

    • Hi Penny,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments 

      I didn’t know much about Miniature Schnauzers until we got Saffi and met more of them when out walking – I have to say the ones I have seen are lovely so I wouldn’t necessarily rule them out. That said I am very biased regarding Cockapoos.

      When are you looking for a Cockapoo and what type? If you look on my ‘Our year long Cockapoo search’ you’ll see that there are three main types – Saffi is from an English working Cocker x Miniature Poodle. I know of someone who has a litter of beautiful F2 Cockapoos are the moment – an F2 is a Cockapoo x Cockapoo. Let me know if they are of interest and I’ll email you their details.

      I hope you continue to enjoy my blog!

      Turi x

  2. Meredith Winston

    Hi Turi,
    my husband and i are finally nearing the end of our very own ‘year long search’ for a cockapoo! i have been smitten with the breed for years but we only moved into a house with a garden and near to the park 6 months ago and before then my obsession with cockapoo websites and blogs also lead to much teasing from friends and family – Dogzilla! I too went to the discover dogs show but managed not to buy anything as didn’t want to tempt fate whilst patiently sitting on waiting lists of some much researched breeders.
    Last week we finally got a call from Slyml Cockapoos to say our litter had been born and they are reserving a boy for us to visit soon. I feel both sick and also incredibly excited! finally all my research will be worthwhile but we will also have the love and cuddles from our puppy as a reward for all the hard work! i LOVED reading your blog and hope those first few months go as well for us as they have you. All being well our pup will be with us in March and i will post pics and updates if i can tear myself away from him!
    We both also work and my parents have offered their help so it’s great to hear that it is possible to make it work with planning and enough puppy love to go round!
    Anyway wish us luck!
    I will keep checking and learning from your site so keep updating as we’ll need all the advice we can get!
    Best wishes
    p.s. I also once stopped the car to chat to a woman walking a cockapoo!

    • Hi Meredith,

      Thank you for your lovely message.

      It must be ‘puppy pick up day’ soon? I was sick with nerves and excitment before Saffi came home!

      I must say that Saffi loves being passed between family members and carers… she seems to think she just has a huge pack! Bless!

      Let me know if you need any help or advise.

      Turi x

  3. Meredith

    Hi Turi,
    Thanks for your response and yes it’s pick up day on Friday! Got all the bits we’ve bought all out and ready and literally counting the minutes!
    I was wondering one thing. Did you get up in the night to take Safi out to the loo in the first weeks whilst crate training? All the books suggest this but I’m not sure if it would be more confusing and train him to wake us whenever he needs to go out. Interested in your opinion on this as you clearly know what you’re doing!
    Can’t wait for our lives to be taken over by this little pup. This week is going to be torture!

    • Hi Meredith,

      How did your first week of puppy ownership go?

      Yes we did take Saffi out to the toilet in the first three/four nights. And it isn’t necessarily a bad thing if your dog wakes you if they need to go… better than having to clean it up in the morning! Saffi still barks now if she needs to go.

      Can’t wait to hear about how you have got on.

      Turi x

  4. Hi Turi
    Thanks for having our link. However we now have a new website and new address :

  5. Kate

    Hi Turi

    Thank you for the blog – invaluable for our cockerpoo journey.

    Our breeder has called to say a little female has been returned to her – F1 and is 10 weeks – I am so tempted but I had thought we’d need to wait until the end of June for the planned litter and I don’t have any puppy leave arranged. I do work from home and my other does 3 days a week but I am worried it is too soon – and haven’t got a thing in – what would you advise?

    We both were brought up with dogs but as you, we have two rescue cats -10 year olds…..

    Thanks – #confusedbutexcitedofBarnes
    Kate x

  6. Holly


    Came across ur blog by accident and so glad I did! I’m searching for my pup at the mo and the amount of info is boggling! My partner said I was talking about puppies in my sleep and often asks if we can talk about something else for 5 mins! I’m glad I’m not the only dogzilla

    • Holly

      Ooops pressed the wrong button and only put half my post up doh! I would very much like to see your excel stuff for the breeders and checklists and that sort of thing if u have them?

      Thanks for a great read!

      • Ooops, didn’t see this before I responded to your last comment.

        Would love to send you the spread sheet but I lost it with an old USB stick. SO annoying.

        When are you looking to get a new addition – perhaps I can help you seach?

        Turi x

    • Hi Holly,

      Thanks for your comment!

      What sort of dog are you looking for. I think you should get a Cockapoo ; )!

      Turi x

  7. Zia Mattocks

    Hi Turi

    I’ve really enjoyed your blog and found it extremely useful, having been completely befuddled by the zillions of cockapoos for sale at such varying prices. I’m in SW London and have a four-year-old ginger cat (who is used to being the only boy but quite a nervy, dozy thing, not an aggressive ‘tom’). I would love a cockapoo but am worried about him accepting a canine companion. I’d like a smaller sized, wavy coated, red/apricot girl so think I need a working cocker crossed with either a toy or miniature poodle. I’ve been in touch with Ann after reading your blog and wonder if you can recommend any other breeders not too far away? I’d appreciate any advice you can offer.

    Many thanks,


  8. Alexis burgess

    Having researched the Bichon for literally years, I went and walked a neighbours’ ones today, then called in on another neighbour who had a 4 month old Cavapoo – love at first sight! Can is skin if the Devon breeder you mentioned was Poundlane? They fit my criteria exactly…health tests…breeding from well loved, family dogs…raised with children. Are there any other Cavapoo breeders you can point me in the direction of, as my google searches mostly come up with puppy farms and BYB, which we want to avoid at all costs, (having had a previous bad experience with a springer who went blind at 6 months due to PRD.) many thanks x

  9. Charlie Summers

    Hi Turi,

    I have been reading your lovely blog and it is so exciting! You mentioned in your ‘year long search for a cockapoo’ that you visited a couple of breeders in Kent, I live in Kent and wondered where you got Saffi from or if there were any breeders in the south east of England that you could recommend?

    I am looking for a English working Cocker x Miniature Poodle I don’t want to get a second generation cockapoo as I was talking to a couple of my vet friends last week and they were saying that there is more chance of health problems occurring in f2 puppies.

    Thanks so much and keep up the amazing blog!

    Charlie x

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