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  1. Ed

    Incredibly cute, but that is the norm for cockapoos! Saffi is adorable. Great blog, I love hearing the stories of owners. Stop on by and share some stories and photos with our members someday on Facebook, or on our website. There are 100’s of cockapoo owners from the London area according to our FB stats, so maybe you can help stage a meet-up there? (If you’re already a member or regular at our FB page or site, I’m sorry for not recognizing you…we have 4,000 members and my memory escapes me at times!)

    • Hi again Ed,

      I haven’t heard of your Facebook group – I will definitely check it out. My boyfriend and I attend Cockapoo meets in the London and surrounding area every couple of months. We enjoy them so much as it’s just so much fun watching Saffi play with other Cockapoos. She definitely seems to know they’re the same ‘breed’!

      How many Cockapoos do you have? I’d love to see a picture of them 🙂

      Turi x

  2. Ed

    Hi Turi,

    When cockapoos get together, all heck breaks loose…in a good way. Love it. =)

    When and where do you do meet-ups? Who organizes them? Would you mind sharing them with our members who live in London? I know it’s hard for owners to find good, safe meet-ups, so it would make some members very happy.

    I replied to your other thread as well. I’m not sure how to put photos in here, and I don’t want to spam your forums with links, but I’m making my name a link to our FB page, where several shots of our Albion can be found, including the logo and cover photos.


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  4. Amy

    Hi Turi,

    Saffi is absolutely adorable! I have been looking for the best Cockapoo breeder for what feels like forever and we are hoping to get a pup in the summer! After hearing how highly you spoke of Broadreach Dogs I have emailed Anne and am hoping to get some good news (fingers crossed). Are there any other Kennel Club breeders you would recommend? I have been looking at Sylml Cockapoos if you have heard of them? Your information has been so useful and is making my search a lot easier – Thank you!

    Best Wishes


    • Hi Amy

      Thank you for your comments – I agree that my little Saf is adorable!

      I am delighted to hear that you got in touch with Anne… any luck?

      I wouldn’t necessarily say that many Cockapoo breeders are Kennel Club registered because Cockapoos are not yet considered a breed in their own right. The Cockapoo Club of GB has a good list of breeders including Sylml.

      Do get in touch if you need any more help!

      Turi x

  5. Sophie


    Saffi is so gorgeous!
    I have an 18mth old Black Cockapoo called Bella and she is the love of my life! You have a really lovely blog and it’s nice to read that all Cockapoos are all equally as nuts 🙂

    Sophie x

    • Hi Sophie,

      Thank you for your comment – I’m so pleased you enjoyed the blog.

      I love black Cockapoos – and Bella is such a beautiful name :-). Where did you get her from?

      Turi x

      • Sophie

        Hi Turi,

        Thanks for your quick reply!
        I originally wanted an Apricot Cockapoo but fell head over heels with Bella when I went to visit 🙂 and she matches perfectly with my mum & dads 2 Black Labs! I think I’d still like to get an Apricot one day!

        I live in Hertfordshire and was very lucky to find a breeder 20 mins from my home town:
        Bella, like your Saffi is a F1 cockapoo. Her mum is called Sparkle and her Dad Harry. Bella has a full name – Princess Tinkerbell Sparkle but is more of a family joke than anything! ha!

        I think my parents may get a cockapoo in the future, they are smitten with my lovable Bella!
        Do your parents have a name for their latest addition yet?

        Sophie x

      • Hi Sophie,

        My parents’ puppy has been called Phoebe… because she runs like the Friends character! My parents are loving having a dog of their own. Which is ironic as it was my Dad who never let me have a dog growing up… ; )

        I’ve just looked on the Brideways site – Rayner’s dogs looks amazing. And how lucky to have found a breeder so close.

        Turi x

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