Summer Walks

Does anyone else just LOVE walking their dog in Summer? Don’t get me wrong, I love walking Saffi and Phoebe at any time of year but I find it so special watching them do bunny jumps through the long grass, launch themselves into the Thames, climb every tree seaching for squirrels until they gets a bit hot and try to get as low to the ground as possible to cool down.

It’s exhausting just watching them…

Saffi & Phoebs

Reservoir ‘Poos


Phoebe post swim


Phoebe has turned the most beautiful copper colour in the sun


“Hot isn’t it?”



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8 responses to “Summer Walks

  1. Sue

    Love summer walks on the beach when it’s quite and the wind is blowing.
    Dogs seem to get so excited going to the beach too!
    Phoebe is getting big

  2. Sophie

    My little Bella LOVES the beach, and I agree summer walks are just the most fun 🙂 xx

  3. Sophie

    Tori are you or Saffi on Twitter/Facebook? x

  4. Hello fellow Cockapoo lover. Now if only I can generate the same kinds of fanciers as you here in the States!! I love English crazy-cockapoo ladies. Makes me feel so less alone in the world! 😉 You’re all such lovely ladies. I really love reading about people who genuinely research and care which breed and breeder they go with. You’re one of the few responsible pet owners out there and behalf of all impulse-bought dogs in shelters I thank you. The CCCB is fantastic. We’re hopeful that we can build as decent a club here, too (no real club as of yet). Love your blog! -Annette

    • Hi Annette

      Thank you for your lovely post – I thought Cockapoos were even bigger in the States?!

      Turi x

    • Sue

      Love the CCGB club everyone is super supportive and caring, not forgetting non judgemental.
      They also helped me find my new fur baby by giving me some peace of mind getting my puppy from a CCGB approved breeder Helen Oliver in Shotley

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