Who am I?


My name is Victoria, Turi for short.

I’m 28 and live in South West London with my boyfriend Marcus and three cats Zulu (male Bengal), Elmo (male Moggie) and Bluebell (female Blue Burmese).

I work for a construction company in central London and have many interests including though not limited to Cockapoos (!), property, interior design, wedding make-up and reading.

I’m not the party animal of my early 20s and love nothing more than dinner with friends or a relaxing weekend at home. I’m lucky to have my parents, sister and her hubby within walking distance-we’re a close and fun-loving family, perfect for the boisterous, people-loving Cockapoo.

I hope you enjoy the blog and if you’d like to find out more please get in touch.




41 responses to “Who am I?

  1. Clare Goddard

    This is so interesting! I’m in month 7 of ‘we’re getting a dog’ planning & have set my heart on an English Cockapoo from my research. I’m trying to now find out all I can about the breed and came across you & Saffi. I’ve contacted a breeder in Essex who plans a litter in Sep 2012 TopMac do you know them? Will be following you two with interest. X

  2. Hi Clare!

    Thank you for your comment :-). Delighted to hear you enjoyed the blog.

    Saffi’s Mum is from English working lines – we decided quite early on that this is what we wanted because working lines can be more biddable and have generally been bred for temperament and health rather than looks. However, they are generally higher energy mentally and physically. I speak in vague terms because there are no hard and fast rules with a Cockapoo as they’re a cross-breed.

    We did contact Topmac but didn’t hear back. I assume this is because we work full time. Topmac specialise in Cockapoos from English show lines and American Cockapoos. I’m not sure about their health testing so you’ll need to enquire about that – the sire needs to be PRA tested and both parents hip scored if possible. There are two Topmac Cockapoo owners on the ilovemycockapoo forum – Wellerfeller and Miranda&Monty. If you’re interested in hearing about their experience with Topmac I’m sure they’d be happy to answer any questions.

    Best of luck with your search and do let me know how you get on!

    Turi x

    • Hi Turi
      I’ve just been looking at Topmac on Breeders online, she currently has a litter of American Cockapoos. Is there much difference between the American and English Cocker?
      Have you heard anymore on Topmac since this original post?

      Sue x

      • Hi Sue,

        I have heard of Topmac – I know a lady called Karen who has a lovely boy called Weller from there.

        There are quite a few differences between the English & American Cockapoo. I will email you some pictures!

        Turi x

  3. Hi – I too have a cockapoo, Duke. He’s now about 6 months. We live in Lafayette, Indiana – US. He’s so adorable. Your story about Saffi acting up in her adolescence is speaking to me:-) I’m so glad to have found your blog. I only know of another person in my immediate circle that has a cockapoo. Oh, and Duke is about 16-17 pounds heavy and the vet says he will grow up to 25 pounds.


    • Hi Mary!

      Lovely to hear from you. Duke… what a fab name! 16-17 pounds sounds about right – had to convert to kg as that’s what we’ve been using but at the last measure Saffi was a similar weight.

      What cross is Duke and what colour? If you’re like to ‘meet’ like-minded people I’d definitely join ilovemycockapoo – there are a lot of US-based members 🙂

      Turi x

  4. Ed

    We’re going to leave a description and link to your blog on the “Our Friends” page of the cockapoocrazy.com site, I hope you don’t mind. Any chance we can be make it onto your blogroll, too?

  5. Sarah

    Hi Turi,

    Love your blog! I’ve just joined ILMC (MrsS) and posted about buying a choccie boy called Dougie. Alongside the forum, your blog will keep my hubby and I entertained whilst we wait for Dougie to come home.

    Sarah x

    • Hi Sarah!

      Thank you for your comment – I’m so pleased you enjoyed my blog!

      I can’t wait to hear more about Dougie… you’ll need to give us regular updates. Our poor breeder was nagged weekly for photos – I think she must have breathed a sigh of relief when we eventually picked Saffi up!

      Turi x

  6. Sue Hughes

    Hi Turi,

    We have recently decided to get our first dog and after a fair bit of research have also set our hearts on a Cockapoo. As part of that I came across your blog – it’s really interesting and Saffi is just gorgeous. Can I ask you how Saffi gets on with your cats ? I have two, a male siamese (11 months old) and a female oriental (5 years old) who are just devoted to each other so I was keen to hear what your experience was when you introduced Saffi to your cats.

    Many thanks Sue

    • Hi Sue,

      Thank you for you comment.

      We have two cats – Elmo (a half Siamese) and Bluebell (a blue Burmese). We had, until two weeks ago, a Bengal too but sadly he passed away after suffering a heart attack. I’m still getting used to the absence…

      Anyway, the relationship between Saffi and the cats is so much better than we expected and I suspect with two young cats you will find the same. Our ground rules were that Saffi was not allowed to chase the cats under any circumstances. And we have always fed the cats first – it establishes a pecking order where the cats are higher than the dog (in the dog’s eyes anyway!)

      It’s important that your cats get the opportunity to have space away from the puppy but also time with you – with Orientals I suspect your cats, like mine, are affectionate and demanding (!) so make time for them with cuddles on the sofa.

      Good luck and let me know how you get on!

      Turi x

  7. lizzy

    Hi Turi

    Loved reading your blog – I don’t feel so alone in my ridiculous desire for a puppy! My boyfriend and I have just come back from the Earls Court dog show and have confirmed our love of Miniature Schnauzers – we will be looking at getting one next year. We both live and work full time in London so would be putting our dog in ‘day care’ for 3 days a week (yet to figure out what to do in the awkward ‘between jab’ weeks!) and then getting a dog walker for 2 days (so there will be times when it is left alone for up to 4 hours). We were advised at the show to avoid getting a puppy due to our lifestyle, but go for a dog that is over 6 months old. My question is really about how you have found working full time, getting a puppy in London and dealing with doggy day care? Was your puppy ok going to day care, has it been house trained successfully etc? Also, very important, did you have any trouble finding a breeder happy to sell you a dog when they knew that you were not at home with it all day? Are they ok with the idea of putting your dog in day care?

    Questions questions, thank you in advance for your response!

    • Hi Lizzy,

      Thank you for your lovely comment – I’m so pleased you enjoyed the blog!

      My Mum and I went to Discover Dogs this time last year – it’s so much fun isn’t it?!

      I love Miniature Schnauzers, especially when they’ve been clipped. They feel like velvet! And they’re so playful and fun :-).

      Regarding your daycare plans. Our day care company carried Saffi and other yet-to-be innoculated puppies until they were ready to hit the ground. Worth asking! I personally think 4 hours may be a bit long to leave a dog on a regular basis but I think it depends on the character of the puppy. I understand daycare is expensive but it’s important for a puppy/dog to not be unsettled but an irregular routine.

      We have LOVED having a dog in London and I think it’s perfectly possible to raise and own a happy dog here. Socialisation is key – you must ensure your puppy is accostomed to loud traffic, the tube and bus, people, children, bikes, pubs, other dogs, being alone. The list goes on!

      Saffi gets so exited when her daycarer arrives – he has enjoyed it from day one and it’s such a good way to ensure your puppy is well socialised. Saffi was slightly slower than some Cockapoos to be fully house trained. I think she got there at about six months old… rediculous but I can’t really remember (which means it couldn’t have been that bad!) In the early days you need to take them out every half and hour to an hour and when you’re out and overnight you should use a crate to confine their space. This will encourage them to ‘be clean’. Try Gwen Bailey’s ‘The Perfect Puppy’ – it’s really useful!

      We didn’t struggle to find a breeder – I think that it’s clear you’re planning ahead and that you will be a contientious dog owner which is what most reputable breeders are looking for.

      I hope this helps – do let me know if you need me to answer any more questions.

      Good luck!

      Turi x

  8. Sue Hughes

    Hi Turi,
    Thanks so much for your response. First of all so sorry to hear about Zulu – it’s always so sad when a much loved pet dies. Yes my Minty and Percy are both very affectionate and demanding – they are house cats and absolutely used to lots of attention ! I also came across the very helpful advice you wrote for the Cockapoo Club of GB (yes I’m another one who has joined the club ahead of actually getting a puppy!). Will let you know how we get on with our search.
    Best wishes, Sue

  9. Cleo Wilson

    Your story has inspired me into Cockapoo madness!! I’m at the stage where I have decided they are the breed for me and now I’m on the constant obsessive web search!!! I know I want a little boy and I would like the apricot ish colours. But all these matches are. Squillion miles away. So I’m really glad I have fallen upon you and your valuable advice and knowledge. Cleo

  10. Joe

    Hi Turi

    We are getting a new f1b cockapoo called Molly she’s adorable chocolate in colour and very docile, she’s coming home on the 4th of march, were very excited and can’t wait nearly got everything ready just waiting for her crate to arrive, by the way where did you buy your crate from, ours was purchased from http://www.crateideas.co.uk I highly recommend it to anyone who is wanting a crate for heir dog, many of our dog loving freinds own one. Your blog has been so informative and has been a great help to myself and my family, I have been following it since the begging, and by the way you should be very proud of saffie she is just adorable, keep up he good blogging, I first searched your log when on my first day at school I saw he school dog called Lucy (also adorable) and retuned home and instantly searched cockapoos then cockapoo blogs.

    Thanks for all the great help and advice


  11. Hi Turi

    I just wanted to really say thank you, myself and my family because of you have been inspired to start up are own blog about are new chocolate f1b miniature cockapoo called Molly, you are such an inspiration, were collecting are new pup on Monday the 4th so extremely excited, were just in the final stages of setting up for her arrival all were waiting for is her crate which we ordered from http://www.crateideas.co.uk I highly recommend it superb service and very helpful with any queries, so in my opinion a must for any new cockapoo of new puppy owner to have, and maybe when we have finished setting up are blog you could check it out, and if also you have any helpful tips they would be much appreciated (tips as in tips on a new puppy and if possible blog “please”. Thanks for all the blogging and so far great advice.



    • Hi Joe,

      Thank you so much for your comment!

      I have really enjoyed writing a blog and I am sure you will too. What will the address be and I will post on here when you are live?

      An F1b will be such a curly cutey – any pictures of Molly?

      As for tips… I promise to write something soon but in the meantime I MUST update on the past six months!

      Turi x

      • Hi turi

        Well, we’ve got her and she is just adorable, we’ve only had her for about 1 hour but already couldn’t live without her, it’s funny how attached you can become to a dog and how fast as well. Pictures will be below. I was so sad to hear about your cat Zulu it’s so tragic when a much loved pet and well family member is lost we used to have another puppy who was a labradoodle, he sadly died when only 4 months old of a polyp in his throat, he was called Alfie its such a shock, I really do feel for you, picture of Alfie below.

        He was just adorable and the boy is me.

        Molly with my mum

        She is actually chocolate but in the light looks black there are so many colours in her coat.

        I just read your most recent post glad to hear Saffie is getting on so well. My dad is a huge fan of walking in the peaks so looks like are next destination with molly (when she is old enough) in the hour we’ve owned her four she has proved to be lovely sweet natured but most of all stubborn but we still love her.

        Just another little clip of her. And about my blog I’m super excited to start but it’s still a work in progress it’s the address of the blog is knowlesesfirstcockapoo but not much more to say on the blog front, come to think about it I might not have even lived it yet! (Upsey daisy)

        Thanks for the help and advice and please keep he blogging coming


        Sent from my iPad

      • Hi Joe,

        Aggggggg, so exciting!

        If you are attached to her now, you won’t believe how attached you feel to her in a week, a month or a year. Believe me!

        Thank you for your kind words about Zulu, much appreciated.

        You must have been devastated about Alfie, no wonder you are attached to Molly.

        I cannot wait to ready more about your blog. Unfortunately cannot see the pictures but will hopefully see them on the blog?

        Speak soon,

        Turi x

  12. Is the breeder you used approved by the Cockapoo Club your now with?

    • Hi Sue,

      No, Saffi’s breeder has not (yet) been approved by the Cockapoo Club of Great Britain inspectors. We adopted Saffi before the Approved Breeder scheme really kicked off.

      Turi x

  13. Katie

    Hello Turi, I came across your blog a while ago and loved reading about your search for your cockapoo puppy. It really helped me make the decision to also have a cockapoo :). We are now going to collect our little girl cockapoo in two weeks time, and I can’t wait! We went to see her yesterday and she’s absolutely gorgeous! I have had a short list of 4 names and I really hope you don’t mind but I loved the name Saffi that you chose, and when we tried out the 4 names with little puppy yesterday Saffi just seemed the most perfect, and it is my girls favourite name too. I hope you don’t mind that we are using your unique and beautiful name for our puppy too.
    Katie xxx

    • Hi Katie,

      Thank you for your comment.

      You must have your baby girl by now.

      How are things going?! And what did you call her in the end – Saffi is, in my opinion, a great name ; )

      Turi x

  14. Marj Lee

    Hi Turi. I am also currently undergoing cockapoo obsession!! I’ve been looking for a puppy for a few months and am tearing my hair out as either breeders (on Cockapoo GB approved list) don’t e-mail or call back or they are very far away from us in London. I have been in touch with Anne (waiting for news of future pregnancy) and also JD cockapoos (7 hour round trip!!) but am struggling to fit in a visit and juggle 3 children. Did you ever find any good breeders closer to London?
    Marj x

  15. Carol Clay

    Hi Turi! I love your blog – thank you! I wonder if I could ask you about your first couple of weeks with SaffI? I got Barnaby from Broadreach Dogs 10 days ago and he is delightful. He is really sweet and he couldn’t be more gentle with the children.
    However, I got him at 13 weeks old, and he was rather thin and very nervous. He is now happily settled in our home, getting on very well with our dogs (even with the old girl who has put him in his place!) and I am building him up. He is gradually gaining weight and we are in the process of house training him. He is very nervous though and he will sit and shiver is there is a loud noise in the kitchen. He is very nervous with other dogs and people, except if he meets them here at home. We are gradually socialising him and he is getting better.
    My main concern is his nervousness. Was Saffi like this when you got him? Did she move on from there and come into herself? I do want Barnaby to grow out of it and relax.
    Thank you – I hope I am worrying unnecessarily!

  16. Petria

    Hi Turi,

    Really love your blog and all the photos and videos.

    We are hoping to get a puppy from Anne at Broadreach. I would love to see a recent photo of Saffi. Would you mind emailing me one please and let me know how old she is in the photo?

    We are trying to decide between a cockapoo and an F1B Labradoodle.

    Best wishes


  17. Nina

    Hi Turi
    your blog is fab and answered a lot of my questions. I have two young kids so time spent researching is limited! Any chance you could email me your spreadsheets?

  18. Lucy Steel

    Hi Turi,
    Have read your blog with interest as we are just about to put a deposit down with Anne at Broadreach dogs for an apricot cockerpoo, possible due in the summer. Have been recommended her and have just done a google search and found your website. You clearly rate her as a breeder – would you recommend her? We live a fair distance with 3 children so visiting her home is a trek. Do the pups live in a good environment and are socialised well? Hope Saffi is getting on well!
    Many thanks,

  19. Sandi

    Hey – do you have any up to date photos of Saffi? I’ve fallen into this minefield also, have a picture of the cockapoo us like in my head, but don’t know what I should be looking for – if that makes sense?! X

  20. wendy Rose

    Hi Turi

    I have just read your recent post – we got our cockapoo from the same breeder as you and I just wondered if you have an email address where I can ask you some questions

  21. Maureen

    Hi Turi,

    Just stumbled on your blog when I was reading up about Cockapoos. We are getting a little red boy called Barny in two weeks – 21st of June 2014. Can’t wait, but am also incredibly aprehensive. I was bitten by a dog when I was a child and have always been very unsure about dogs. However, my son (now 13) has been begging me for a dog, after after much consideration and 5 years of looking for the perfect dog – we settled on a Cockapoo.

    We live in Berkshire, although I grew up in Wimbledon, and my parents still live there. And will have a four hour roundtrip to pick up Barny from near Weston Super Mare.

    I have so many many questions about the trip, training, the first few days, how to survive the time till the second vaccine etc. Your blog has been fabulous in allaying my fears.

    I’m also a planner, and have been researching for a while now, and have also joined ILMC (“Sandhy333”).

    Just wanted to say Thank You for such a fantastic blog and for the time and effort you’ve put into it. Invaluable for getting a feel of what to expect.


  22. Joy

    Hi Turi, I have wanted a dog forever, but am leaving my job at the end of July, so this seems to be a good time. Like you, I am wondering whether to get a Cockerpoo or cavapoo. Your blog describing your decision was really interesting. I didn’t realise there are so many health issues with Cavapoos. The main reason for me not to get a Cockerpoo is their high energy, as I prefer the look of them to Cavapoos. But I have heard that Cavapoos can be quieter.
    Please could you tell me -how many walks per day does your dog have, and for how long?
    Also, are there any breeders near St Albans that you would recommend? We heard of one in Wales, but its a long way!

    Many thanks. Please do email me f you feel its better.

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