How my life has changed…

Three years ago I was single and doing what most single people in London do – partying! When I wasn’t partying I was sleeping to make up for lack of sleep. If someone had told me back then that three years down the line I’d have played with my puppy, had a nice cuddle, cleaned the kitchen, baked a cake, had a big pot of tea and made it out to Kensington Gardens for a walk in the sunshine by 11am on a Sunday morning I’d have laughed. Back then I would have slept until midday at least!

Obviously part of the reason behind these lifestyle changes is age and changing interests. But an even bigger reason behind these lifestyle changes is that having a dog forces you to be outside more, to be proactive, to organise your day around a walk and to spend time with like-minded people.

This weekend Marcus and I met with friends Chris and Amy on Wimbledon Common.  Chris and Amy have a Dachshund puppy called Bangers who is just hilarious – she loves Saffi and makes a wonderful wolf grumble noise when they see each other and play. We have to allow them a good half an hour to calm down before we could actually get anywhere with them! Together they met loads of other dogs and even enjoyed a dip in the water (even if it did mean that Saffi was filthy afterwards!)

Bangers poised to steal Saffi’s stick


Saffi slept for ages after their walk and Amy sent me a message saying that Bangers did the same – clearly they knackered each other out with their antics!

On Sunday I took Saffi to Kensington Gardens to meet my friend Alex and her seven year old Terrier cross Piglet. Pig is gorgeous – protective, affectionate and so trustworthy. I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight but when another puppy in the park was a little rough with Saffi Pig stepped in to protect her which was very heart-warming. By the end of the afternoon Saffi was happy to follow Pig wherever he went – she was clearly taken with him.

Pig basking in the sun


Saffi resting as we ate our lunch

Spending so much time outside with my lovely friends, their dogs and Saffi was just wonderful – I came home tired and deeply contented. I notice the presence of this little fur-thing changing my life and so far I’m loving the way these changes make me feel.



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2 responses to “How my life has changed…

  1. “I notice the presence of this little fur-thing changing my life and so far I’m loving the way these changes make me feel.” – You have just said how I feel about my little fluff ball Aoife. She was 7 weeks old when we first got her and she is now 2 yrs old and brings my hubby and I such happiness even if we are on our hands and knees by the end of a day. Loving your pics. I took Aoife round the woods near us yesterday and she was black when we got home, guess she had a good time!!

    • Hi Angela and Martin

      Thank you for your comment.

      I think I’ve seen your wonderful pictures of Aoife on Cockapoo Chat? She really is beautiful.

      What does Aoife mean and how is it pronounced?

      Turi x

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