A difference of opinion…

At a family member’s house last night people were surprised when I tried to stop Saffi chewing wood and sticks in their garden. A few weeks ago someone posted a thread on the ILMC forum sharing information of the risk of injury to a dog when they catch or chase after a stick. This being my first dog I’d had no idea of the danger of sticks and wood – growing up I’d frequently seen dogs carrying sticks in the park and figured it was part and parcel of dog ownership and play. Below are some links for further information:






 The more I read, the more I realised that far more dogs than the average person realises suffer injuries inadvertently at the hands of their owners who just want to play with and entertain their companions. I decided then and there that I would try to actively discourage Saffi from seeing sticks and wood as ‘play things’.

What I learnt last night is that people won’t always support the decisions that you make regarding your dog and as a result you could potentially feel like you’re being neurotic. If you believe your concerns are founded then you have to find the strength of character to carry on with your plans regardless which is difficult.

In a bid to bring others on board to my way of thinking I have just purchased a safestix (see links above) so that family – you know who you are! – and friends have an alternative throw-thing to hand. I’m not, after all, a kill-joy. I just want what is best for my dog :-).



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4 responses to “A difference of opinion…

  1. Ruth Dyne

    Dear Turi,I support your line of thought,My dog Jock tossed a stick up in the air and it went down his throat,awful screams!!,he also swallowed a large stone and needed a big op,much love.xxx

  2. Susan

    Hi Turi. This is such good practice for when you have a baby – everybody then had an opinion to offer in every subject from nappies to feeding. It does take a lot of determination to stick to what you have decided to be the best for you and your baby/puppy!!!

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